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Packing Light

DIY, Lifestyle, travel October 31, 2014


I’ve chronicled some of my past exploits, most of which were to either present or interview, but heading to Spokane, WA with my BF was a simple and unexpected treat.  I am regularly left at home while he heads to the majestic Northwest, but not this time. All well and good but with the short nature of this trip I had to adjust and fit three days of my life and routine into a CARRY ON!!! Sweaters, boots, jackets hats, and toiletries in a carry on (please). So, first things first. I had to buy a carry on, because I mean who really has a small suit case?


Found a navy roller bag for a mere $13 in the garment district. Thank you Downtown LA for all of your many deals. But it’s my bag, so of course I had to add glitter. Here’s a quick how to. 1. I taped around the metal logo plate-had to protect the rest of the bag. 2. Pulled out my trusty spray glue. 3. Added tons of glitter to the still wet glue. 4. Waited for everything to dry and patted it down pretty hard to make sure it was all settled. 5.  Sealed down the glitter it with two ample layers of clear nail polish. 6.  Allowed it to dry over night.  7. Removed the tape and cleaned up any renegade glitter.  One simple way to make a cheap bag look a little more stylish.  If you wanted you could also use a fabric…oooo that’s a good idea.


Then to the actual task packing only things I “needed.” So out came The tribal sweater, two pairs of jeans, two boots (low and high) and a huge faux fur lined jacket. What is a trip to Washington state without a huge army green jacket? I also packed my camera gear and dried seaweed. I know seaweed, how freaking LA.




Then I chronicled the lower half of my outfit doing some pretty Northwesterly things. Gotta love Fall colors, textures and smells. The faint smell of wood fires and chilled air took me back to winters in the OC. I love you Spokane.


Keep it Simple

Fashion June 17, 2014


My job is very interesting in that it requires equal parts mental and physical agility. This makes it pretty darn difficult to plan an outfit in the morning. Of course, I want to be stylish and comfy, but I also need to look like I went to school for the past 8 years to get this degree. Today was a pretty casual day; light denim pants, dark denim tank, black blazer, and lace up boots. I tend to wear a few rings and bangles too but I was rushing this morning and only got the pants, shirt and shoes in the pic.


Fashion Obsession

Advice, Fashion July 12, 2011

Here are some ensembles I love, love, love.

Try going Girly with mini skirts, lace, amazing chunky heels, and simple-on of a kind-jewelry.

Grunge got  a face-lift in 2011; instead of the torn jeans go leggings-even jeggings, caps, plaid, boots, and scarves.

Adventurers everywhere will covet your style in a striped mini, amazing cropped blazer belt and the adorable little straw hat.

Hipsters always look so sad, but I wouldn’t be in those rose shorts.  To get the “true” hipster look go with a small brimmed hat, prints, and simple jewelry.

Lessons from Fall

Art, Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion March 17, 2011

Caroline Brasch Nielsen, model, has proven that well tailored casual is often more chic than purposefully gaudy.

Get laced, YSL debuted these beauts with a sculpted wedge heel.

Peach fur from Giorgio Armani shouts FUR IS BACK!!!!

Military looks are here to stay.  They were all over runways as well as in the front rows.

A.F. Vandevorst Fall 2011 RTW

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle March 13, 2011

Talk about structure, the geniuses  at A.F. Vandervorst have truly utilized impeccable construction and creativity in this ready to wear line.  I would wear each of the looks selected, and this is rare of anything I see on a runway.

I’m a big believer in fashion equations.  These all fall in line with mine, stretch pants + boots + structured jacket = me on any given day! I’ve also begun working an over sized fur vest into the mix…