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Craft Time!

Lifestyle August 27, 2013


So I’ve been making some of the random crafty things I make and decided to make a bookmark for an analog book I’ve been reading. Yes, I’ve been reading an actual paper book. This is probably a little surprising for those of you who know me because I go nowhere without my iPad Mini. But my significant other is hyper aware of my constant thirst for knowledge and bought me Summa Metaphysica, a book about the coexistence of suffering and God’s promise that we won’t suffer…again, if you know me, you know I eat stuff like that for breakfast. Heavy content aside, I wanted a sparkly bookmark. If you want one too here is how you can make it.


Fold a piece of paper so it comes to a point, trace a semi circle and cut on the line. It comes out like a little heart. Get that heart and trace it onto the corner of an envelope, now cut that out. You’ll have a little pocket shaped like a heart left.


Next, get your heart stencil, trace another half circle, and cut away the outer edge beyond the line. You are left with a smaller heart than the original. Use this smaller heart as a stencil for your dash of whimsy. I used glitter duct tape…yup, I own glitter duct tape. Welcome to my life and my significant’s personal hell…the poor man. Well, now you have a fancy bookmark for an analogue book. Happy reading!


My Old Friends

Tech October 19, 2011

Ipads and readers have changed the world, but what will be done with their predecessors, actual books?  Are they to be left dusty in bookshelves only to serve as the reason for book ends?  I certainly hope not.  Nothing beats the smell of a book or laying down with one without it flipping horizontal.


Why We Love Ryan Korban!

Celebrity, Home, Lifestyle September 30, 2011

I f you know me you know I love beautifying my space, so of course I am soo into the interior design man of the hour, RYAN KORBAN.  As one of NY’s most popular designers he’s been prettifying the homes of celebs like Debora Messing and James Franco.  His trademark clean and opulent aesthetic features timeless art pieces and sketches, fur throws and pillows (just decadent), fresh flowers, and books as conversation starters.  I wish I could get him to come decorate my new place…a girl can dream!

Throw some extra moozarella on that muddaf-ka!!

Films December 5, 2010

Over 20 years after Spike’s BEST film, “Do The Right Thing, comes the book that celebrates the crowning jewel of his filmography.  Read about the intimate details and peruse rare photos from behind the scenes of the film the U.S. Library of Congress describes as “culturally significant” and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Lil’ known fact: President Barack Obama took first lady, Michelle Obama, to see “Do The Right Thing” on their first date. Purchase the hardcover book on Amazon.com and check out one of my favorite scenes here.