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My Little Birthday Boy!

Food, Lifestyle September 20, 2017


Yesterday was my beloved, Aaron’s birthday.  I always greet this day with equal parts excitement and trepidation.  Because what do you do or get for a person that has such specific interests.  I mean literally, this guy would want like a $10K camera built in 1893 currently residing in a small town in the French countryside.  Like how do I get him that?  So, when you find yourself in a similar situation go sentimental and focus on experiences rather than things.

IMG_8046Since he turned 33 I wrote down the 33 reasons why I loved him so much and hung them from balloons in our bedroom.  All the inside jokes, all the moments, all the touching expressions.

FullSizeRender-6Then I just love the cute balloons.  Thanx Target!

gracias-madre.jpgThen we scheduled an intimate dinner with 10 of his closest friends at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood.

gracias-madre-featured-L.jpgLike, look at this place; Photo by the fabulous, Tawny Alipoon.

FullSizeRender-1We talked!

IMG_8023We ate!

FullSizeRender-2We talked some more!

FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-4You never know what will come up at our table but you know it will be deep, confrontational, and conscious.

Sensory Bday

DIY, Lifestyle September 21, 2015

If you’re anything like me you approach birthdays with equal parts excitement and gift induced terror. How do you go about giving something meaningful while protecting your bank account and maintaining your sanity? Go with something right in front of your face. We use our senses every day to experience our world so why not make that the focus of your gift.

For taste I made my beloved some Oreo chocolate chip cookies. I mean, who doesn’t love two cookies in one?  
Next a smell that reminded us of a trip we took to the beach. I added a little disk inside the candle reminding him of how much he means to me.

Tapping into my hubby’s love of information and looking at things I got him a book by one of his favorite authors.  
Then I took it back to junior high school and made him a playlist on Spotify.

Obviously touch is a fun one.  I’ll just keep that to myself.

Tie it all with a pretty bow and you’re done, done, done!


A Cupcakie Birthday Weekend

Lifestyle May 28, 2012

I wanted to thank all of my dear friends and beloved family members who made my birthday weekend absolutely amazing.



The big day started off with some very appropriate gifts. My two little sisters bought me the perfume I’ve beens searching for, LaVanilla vanilla blackberry, get it! Rachel has just been in my head and sent me this crystal cupcake container, my dear mother got me some Tiffany earrings and my friend Amy at Van Clef sent me a letter.


Then off to Mimi’s Cafe with my Mom, two little sisters, and Grandmother. With these three ladies there is never a quiet moment.



Since I’m totally obsessed with cupcakes, it’s become a tradition to, in leu of cake, provide me with white and dark chocolate cupcakes. Yummm!


The next day off to a secret LA location with my closest friends.





Then of course, Cigars made the night utterly special. Not everyone is pictured, so send me your pix and I’ll post them. Thank you all for helping me feel so absolutely precious and loved, I love you all.