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Celebrity, Fashion, Music February 16, 2013



My bestie and I run a consulting firm, we do a little bit of everything and last week I wore my stylist hat and prepped a client for the Grammys. I’m normally on the other side of a table or computer meticulously planning people’s lives so styling’s a bit outside my wheelhouse. But my fashion muse, Mike, and I got into the field and made some last minute magic happen anyway. Thanks to Opening Ceremony in Beverly Hills. . We found some wax covered jeans, desert boots, and double breasted jacket. But my favorite piece had to be the maroon ceramic bow tie. Sting loved it too, he actually said so. Lesson learned, step outside of your comfort zone often, it will follow you.



Food October 24, 2012


In an attempt to maintain some kind of life I’ve been keeping busy and surrounding myself with friends. Last night was coffee and cake at the Fat Cow. The cake was decent, the conversation was better. The ambiance was relaxed and a little “I’m cooler than you” but the overbearing smell of popcorn from the adjacent movie theater was distracting.


Be a tourist in your own city

Advice, Beauty, Lifestyle January 24, 2011

My bestie from college came in town and we did a uber rushed tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the route to LAX.  It was refreshing to see my city in a new light; instead of rushing down Fountain late for work, eating breakfast and applying make-up, I just noticed what was around me.  My frustration with traffic on Santa Monica was replaced with an acceptance as I enjoyed the homes and shops.  Sometimes, it takes a fresh perspective to truly enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  Become a tourist, look at your neighborhood with curious eyes, take some side streets, go the long way, take it all in.  Thanx Natalie!!!