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Random Fact from a Behaviorist

Mental Health September 25, 2012

Aristotle in all of his ancient wisdom stated “We are what we repeatedly do.” This got my early morning, sleep brain (yawn), thinking about habit formation and how our patterns make or break us. You are what you do, so taking a look at yourself, what are you? Are you giving, caring, loving; or are you waiting to be these things later? How can you initiate a behavior without practicing said behavior? You can’t! But to be honest you are practicing, practicing a behavior you don’t want. As you repeat a behavior your brain creates associations between neurons. As these behaviors are repeated over and over again these pathways become stronger and more likely to be used. Basically, the behaviors become your default. I say all of this to reinforce the principle that practice makes permanent, not perfect. If you practice a behavior incorrectly that’s how the behavior will remain.