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Marble Nail DIY 

Beauty, DIY, Lifestyle June 30, 2016

My obsession with marble continues. I’ve gone from covering everything in marble contact paper, to hunting through a small quarry for the perfect table top, to buying this super adorbs notebook, and now I’m getting my nails mixed up in all this.  

My inspo, a marble notebook, came from Homegoods where all beautiful things are born. I picked three corresponding polish colors, black, copper, white, and a shiny top coat.  Also note that you’ll need a cup and a tinie tiny paintbrush.  Paint your nails black…I don’t think you need me to show you that.  

Watch this video for a little first hand knowledge. I tried a few things first, my freehand sucks but the water trick worked really well. Start with a cup of lukewarm water, fill the cup to the top, add a drop or two of the color you want, and stir it to create a little design. Then dip your nail. Don’t be surprised if you get covered in polish spiderwebs. Just remove with a cotton ball and some acetone. 

Get your tinie tiny brush, dip it in some copper and add a few metallic flecks and lines. Then dip the brush in acetone and make the lines a little less structured, blend them a bit. 

Now add a few layers of clear to add some shine. 

Then you’ve got marble inspired nails! You’re welcome!!! 

Contemplations of Beauty

Advice, Mental Health July 9, 2013


Physical beauty is considered a highly socialized concept. However, it emerged with us out of the ooze to help continue the species. Now a pretty face can be seen as literal money in the bank. As a result there is a great deal of competition among the fairer sex for “resources”…men. So there is the occational green eye monster, and no i dont mean Mike from Monsters Inc. Bertrand Russell, fellow Gemini, has a wonderful quote highlighting the futility of jealousy and I must share it. “If you desire glory, you may envy Napoleon. But Napoleon envied Caesar, Caesar envied Alexandar, Alexandar, I dare say, envied Hercules, who never existed. You cannot therefore get away from envy by means of success alone, for there will always be in history or legend some person even more successful than you are.” I specifically thank the amazing Nancy Etcoff’s Survival of the Prettiest for today’s beauty thought.


Orlan: Beauty Builder

Art July 22, 2011

Orlan 1977

Orlan 1992

Orlan pushes the boundaries of beauty, using her face and body as a living canvas.  Beginning in 1990 she underwent multiple cosmetic procedures to mold her face into her image of beauty.  Her rebirth was featured in an exhibit “the Reincarnation of St. Orlan.” Please check out her work, it is very provocative.  In my professional opinion, every artist needs a health sense of self importance; it fuels the desire to move to the beat of their own drum.


Beauty, take two

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion June 5, 2011


I went back to the Annenberg Space for Photography earlier today, it’s always interesting to see what you notice the second time around. Well, this time I noticed the palpable emotion in the women around me. It became apparent that beauty and the judgements placed on women by society have profoundly effected us all at some level. So I decided to rebel I want to write an article about a cosmetic cleanse. Let’s see how this turns out.

Beautiful Change

Art, Beauty May 30, 2011

I consider myself a beauty researcher, I track the impact societies have on beauty and the imprint beauty leaves on societies.  For example, in 1715, the beginning of the French Revolution, the French elite were hoarding flour to powder their hair.  Their withholding this beauty aid/essential food stuff lead to famine and inevitable revolt.  It is astounding to think that a beauty striving forever altered French history (obviously, this wasn’t the only precipitant to the French Revolution). As a modern society we tend to forget that beauty and the desire to be beautiful are not new concepts, they have existed as long as we have existed.  Therefore we must understand it, not quantify it, but appreciate it’s many forms and types.