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A Little Project!

Home February 28, 2012

I’ve been amazingly busy lately, but I managed to find the time to wade through a few pix and stumbled across this…

The crisp black and white ottoman reminded me of an embarrassingly wretched ottoman in my possession, in desperate need of some TLC.  This is what I started with-don’t judge…

1.  I assembled my tools; an electric drill, staple gun, exacto knife, thread and needle, and some great fabric.

2.  Remove the base from the cushion area by unscrewing the four attaching screws (thanx handy dandy electric drill).

3.  There were some structural problems with the foam so I used my excto knife to cut a hole in the fabric for some needed readjusting then I sewed it back up.

4.  Next, I laid the new fabric stretching it tightly over the original fabric (no need to remove the old fabric)- keep it simple.

5.  I stapled the fabric all the way around, thanx to my staple gun and a little upper body strength.

6.  I pleated the corners; just like wrapping a present.

7.  Reattach the base and YAY!!!