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Balancing Act

Advice January 10, 2014


Happy New Year C&C readers! December was an eventful month for your dear Cupcakes. I lost friends to eternal rest, completed steps toward a future desired, and found a special someone to breath my breaths with. All in all, an emotional roller coaster. Without going into detail, I’ve been pretty physically, mentally, and spiritually overwhelmed. To remain sane I had to keep one word in mind “balance.” I found balance in mentally stimulating conversation, laughter, meditation, and knowledge. Find what helps give you balance in this new year hone in on it and practice it as often as possible.


Balancing Act

Lifestyle September 18, 2012


I’ve been trying to write something thoughtful about physical health all day. But as random citations and quotes frantically flew through my brain I decided to just keep it simple. Here we go! Health is homeostasis and homeostasis is a complicated way of saying balance. Find balance of mind, of body, of spirit, and in social interactions.
I seek equilibrium daily with a 5 am yoga session ohmmm, meditation/prayer, a veggie and fruit filled diet, and a constant barrage of besties and friends. Let me know what balances you this week.


Do we run the world?

Art, Beauty, Celebrity, Music Videos May 27, 2011

I always support women who say things that make sense.  But honestly it doesn’t make any sense for women to run the world, or honestly for men either.  We as a human race have fallen out of touch with balance.  Men are nothing without women and vice versa.  We cannot survive without one another, and the sooner we come to this realization the better things will be.  But of course there are current inequities which have been touched on by our lecturer here, so take some initiative and change the world of people around you.  Also, as an aside on Beyonce’s video…if we run the world why are we saluting an army of men at the end of the video?  If I ran the world I wouldn’t salute anyone.