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Yarn Art DIY

DIY, Lifestyle March 1, 2017


I love crafting a little more than the average person so I have developed a special set of skills.  This results in me occasionally taking on projects that are a little big and complicated.  This DIY is NOT one of them.  This DIY was way easier than I thought.  So, here you go.


If you’re a renter…and who in LA isn’t?  Then you are quite familiar with this absolute eyesore.  The dreaded in unit fuse box…dum, dum, dum.  Well, I knew it had to be covered but its slight protrusion makes hanging a picture there awkward and it’s directly behind a door, making a picture risky.  The only answer was channeling my inner 1970’s moonchild and making some yarn art.


I collected all of my tools.  Basically, yarn, a stick from outside, and scissors.


Cut your yarn long enough to double and have it hang long enough to fit your very unique needs.  Then double the yarn and create a loop. Place the loop over the top of your stick or dowl.


Fold the loop around the stick and pull the free hanging part of the yarn through the hole in the loop.


Now just keep going until you’ve added as much as you want.


Add one piece of yarn so you can hang it up and voila.  See where that door is.  Hmmm such a problem.  Who designed this wall?


Next, cut your yarn however you want.  I did a gentle chevron.


The final product.  Hope you enjoy your beautiful art.


Marble Tray DIY

DIY, Home, Lifestyle, Mental Health May 2, 2016

Sometimes a girl just wants something pretty and sometimes there’s more to the art of making something beautiful. In honor of May being Mental Health Month I want to talk about how crafting can help your mental state. You’re probably thinking “what!?!” “How does crafting help me mentally?”  Well, engaging in an activity that you enjoy and find yourself lost in helps you reach a state of alpha brain activity called, Flow. This researcher named Mihaly Csikszentminalyi-try saying that 3 times fast-found that we experience less depression and more joy when we engage in activities that require focus and attention. This does wonders for brain neuroconnectivity which can have an impact on our general outlook on life. So, Dr Ally is writing you a script for one craft this week. Let’s get to it!

What will you need?

A piece of marble (mine was a little thick and heavy, I’d recommend something a little lighter).

2 drawer pulls

Clear round bumpers 

Metallic spray paint (mine was rose gold)

E6000 glue 

Spray your drawer pulls. I used about 3 layers of paint.

Stick your round bumpers to the underside of your marble. These will keep your tray from sitting directly on a surface.

Measure how far you want your handles to go from the edge. Can you believe I’ve been using a centimeter ruler all these years and wasn’t even paying attention. Yes metric!!!

Add a drop of glue. This stuff is serious and goes a long way. You may also ways a mask, the fumes are pretty intense.

Wipe away any excess.

And there’s your stunning marble tray!  Happy crafting!!!


Art October 15, 2011

Last night I crawled from beneath my computer and went on an art-venture.  I’m still recovering.  As I surveyed the assortment of delish food trucks I stumbled upon the etched wood work of Gianni Quatrano.  Of course this Clock Work Orange piece stood out, I had to snap a pic, even if it was on my old iphone.  He also has some interesting old school video game art pieces, check him out LINK.

Orlan: Beauty Builder

Art July 22, 2011

Orlan 1977

Orlan 1992

Orlan pushes the boundaries of beauty, using her face and body as a living canvas.  Beginning in 1990 she underwent multiple cosmetic procedures to mold her face into her image of beauty.  Her rebirth was featured in an exhibit “the Reincarnation of St. Orlan.” Please check out her work, it is very provocative.  In my professional opinion, every artist needs a health sense of self importance; it fuels the desire to move to the beat of their own drum.



Advice, Art July 15, 2011




Today, my journeys brought me to the center of downtown Riverside. I arrived early, as always, so I took some time to investigate the local eateries. I stumbled across Back to the Grind. I loved the ambiance and they had a descent thai ice tea, very few places have good thai iced tea. I was pleased.