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Lifestyle October 10, 2013


Have you ever felt like you made a million mistakes to only make a million more?  Well, readers this is where your beloved cupcakes has found herself; not in the depressed sense, but contemplative.  See, my Saturn has returned and I’ve been challenging myself to face some fears and make a little money in the process.  Both of those things are slow going.  Let me explain a little about Saturn Returns, since I just heard about it myself bare with me.  Saturn takes 29 years to rotate around the Sun; therefore, in your 29th year of life Saturn is in the same celestial location as on your birthday.  Why is that important?  Saturn challenges you, it causes some chaos that you have to process your way through.  If you conquer your fears then you grow and this growth follows you through your life.  With all of that said, you are wondering why there are pictures of my random outfit. It’s all a part of the change; finding that authentic self to show the world.  Physical appearance impacts how other’s relate to us, it’s just the truth…sad.  So, I’ll be playing a little with how people view me and how I view myself.


My first step into real adulthood was purchasing some new glasses thanx Warby Parker.  First pair in at least 10 years.  Second step was realizing that always having straight hair isn’t healthy, I love the randomness of my natural hair…well sometimes.  Can’t wait until my natural curl comes back.  Next, I keep things that I love close to my heart.  I wear two necklaces.  The little round charm, from my besties, reminds me that friendship is endless…we remember that old Girl Scouts song.  The other is a Hamsa, intended to protect the wearer from evil.  It holds a different meaning in my life.  The Hamsa is a symbol used in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  It helps me remember not to judge, instead,  to search for similarities.  If these very different religions can all share a symbol I can find how I relate to someone unlike myself.  So, I’ll be playing around with my style, after all style is how many of us express our inner selves.  There should be some other changes in my future as well.  Readers, welcome to this wild ride.