Make a Balloon Wall With Me! 

Beauty, DIY, Lifestyle May 25, 2017

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So number one, today is my birthday!!! Yay, throw some glitter in the air!!!!  Every bday I attempt to do some adorable DIY and this year is kinda my favorite.  I mean look at this pink and floral goodness!

File_000 (35).jpeg

I started with an inordinate amount of balloons (light pink, pearl pink, white, and clear),  glitter, confetti, a handmade paper cone (for putting glitter and confetti in the balloons), string, and a manual balloon pump.

File_000 (37).jpeg

I blew up all the balloons in different sizes and added glitter and confetti to the clear ones.  Then I tied a string to something static, I choose my drawer knob and began tying balloons to the string.  I spaced each balloon about four inches apart with a total length of 7 feet of string.  I made a total of 5 strings.  Then I taped them to the wall, by the string, adding tape to any area of string that I felt needed to be secured.

File_000 (7).jpeg

I flattened the balloons against the wall and occasionally taped one of them down too.  Well, there were a few bald spots so I added a few free-floating balloons with a tiny roll of tape-sometimes more than one.

File_000 (45).jpeg

The wall didn’t feel complete so I added some silver dollar eucalyptus, lemon leaves, ranunculus, and silk peonies.  At first, I tied strings around the ends of branches and tied them to other strings in the greater structure.  This became exhausting so I literally started taping them directly to the wall or to balloons themselves.

File_000 (40).jpeg

This is what I ended up with, stinking cute.  I placed a pink backdrop below my creation in preparation for my shoot.

File_000 (41).jpeg

Then just get cute and shoot!

File_000 (39).jpeg

File_000 (42).jpeg

If anyone makes a balloon wall I simply MUST see!!! Happy crafting my lovelies.


Feathers and Frames 

Art, DIY, Home, Lifestyle April 23, 2017

I love bringing nature into my home. From my slight obsession with succulents to the abandoned bird’s nest; compassionately transitioning the outside inside is a passion of mine. So, as I was aimlessly walking around my parents’ property I found this delightfully abandoned feather and thought it must go on my cafe wall. This is possibly he easiest DIY ever. 

Firstly, don’t judge my gloves. I’m a tiny bit paranoid about tics and little creepy crawlies.  My first task was to make sure the feather fit the frame and yay it did!

Next, grab your trusty E6000 glue because nothing can withstand its power. 

Hold it down and you’re almost done. 

Place it in the frame, put the back on and voila!  Beautiful!!! 

The only space left on my wall was horizontal so here it will live. Happy crafting! 

Yarn Art DIY

DIY, Lifestyle March 1, 2017


I love crafting a little more than the average person so I have developed a special set of skills.  This results in me occasionally taking on projects that are a little big and complicated.  This DIY is NOT one of them.  This DIY was way easier than I thought.  So, here you go.


If you’re a renter…and who in LA isn’t?  Then you are quite familiar with this absolute eyesore.  The dreaded in unit fuse box…dum, dum, dum.  Well, I knew it had to be covered but its slight protrusion makes hanging a picture there awkward and it’s directly behind a door, making a picture risky.  The only answer was channeling my inner 1970’s moonchild and making some yarn art.


I collected all of my tools.  Basically, yarn, a stick from outside, and scissors.


Cut your yarn long enough to double and have it hang long enough to fit your very unique needs.  Then double the yarn and create a loop. Place the loop over the top of your stick or dowl.


Fold the loop around the stick and pull the free hanging part of the yarn through the hole in the loop.


Now just keep going until you’ve added as much as you want.


Add one piece of yarn so you can hang it up and voila.  See where that door is.  Hmmm such a problem.  Who designed this wall?


Next, cut your yarn however you want.  I did a gentle chevron.


The final product.  Hope you enjoy your beautiful art.


V Day Cometh

DIY, Lifestyle February 8, 2017


Yay!!! Valentines Day is coming!!!  I’m never truly ready but I’m trying to get a little festive.


Flowers and gifts are getting me in the spirit.


Then I decorated a little…let’s be honest this isn’t really my husband’s thing.


But he loved the note I left on his pillow.  Check out my other blog post with 20 creative Valentines Day idea for creative people.


Mala, Meditate, Mindful

Advice, DIY, Lifestyle, Mental Health January 10, 2017


With the world becoming seemingly more and more chaotic, I needed something to slow me down.  As many of you know, I practice mindfulness and meditation regularly and wanted my DIY this week to reflect something that will help my mindfulness journey, a Mala.  A Mala is a necklace of beads that you can use to count mantras or breaths during meditation.  They come in four different lengths 18, 27, 54, or 108.  I figure I need all the mantras possible so I went with a 108 bead Mala.



So, I headed down to The Bead Shop in Laguna to find the perfect beads for my meditation needs.  Ha that rhymed!  Also, I totally recommend that you go to an actual bead shop, don’t just order online.  There’s something so mindful about touching everything and getting a feel for what you’re buying. Anyway, I bought 108 counting beads made of Earth Jasper also known as the “Supreme Nurturer” it reminds us to help one another and brings tranquility into our lives.  Then I grabbed 3 marker beads made from Agate which is a protective stone.  Your marker beads should be a different size so you will know when you’ve passed a particular number of beads.  Then I bought one large Agate guru bead.  The guru bead is the large bead at the apex of the Mala where the tassel hangs.   I also added a pretty little tassel and Ohm symbol.

The spacing can get a little confusing, to keep everything simple I placed a large marker bead every 27 counting beads and the guru at the bottom.  It all came together to form 4 sections of 27 beads.


Happy meditating my friends!


New Year New You 

Lifestyle December 30, 2016

Most of us are beyond over 2016, from stressful elections to a number of celebrity deaths, we are all ready to move on to greener pastures.  With the pending new year it’s time to think about 2017 and set goals that actually get accomplished.  Goal setting is not really about goals, it’s about how you process the world.  It’s all neuroscience and your brain is a natural little problem solver.  But we too often present our brain with problems that it can’t fully understand or process.  It will do it’s best but we end up not quite reaching our goal and feeling deflated.  So when constructing goals presenting information in a way our brain can understand is super important.  Let’s start by understanding how our brains work on a fundamental level.  Please think about the color red.  What comes up in your mind next?  Probably something you have historically associated with red.  Fire trucks, lipstick, anger, roses.  This is because your brain organizes information through an associative process which uses hierarchies and heuristics where one thing will remind you of another related thing which reminds you of yet other related things.  The whole process works a lot like when you fall down a youtube hole and find yourself watching videos of cats wearing sweaters when all you wanted to do was learn about foundation.  So, if you’re not specific when addressing your brain your goal will end up being confusing and un-reachable.


Before you read on ask your self “do I really want to change or am I just writing resolutions because I always have?”  If you actually want to make a change in your life continue reading, if not, assess why you aren’t really ready.  There are a number of reasons a person might not really want to reach their goals.  It’s hard to change, there is a possibility that you may fail, other people may be impacted by your success, that changing the way you view yourself is difficult, or you misinterpreted your goal altogether.   This last one is interesting.  Let’s take for example the number one New Years Resolution, weight loss.  For some, weight loss isn’t truly the goal but a symptom of the goal, you may want love and feel that losing weight will get you there.  Therefore the real goal here is to begin to develop self-love. Ask yourself, “Am I running away from something or running toward it?’  If you find that you are running away from something it may be more difficult to reach that goal as opposed to a goal you are running toward.  Alright, let’s get to some goal setting tips so you can develop the skills to get what you want.

File_002 (1).jpeg

Declutter: Decluttering is the best way to increase focus.  So what are some ways you can declutter your life?  Give away clothes you haven’t worn, unsubscribe from emails that you no longer need, free yourself from toxic people, or maybe clean up your social media.  I don’t know about you but I can’t work in a cluttered room or on a cluttered computer.  So, organize your space, organize your mind.

Write it out: Writing down your goals is one of the best was to make sure you will reach them.  It helps organize our thoughts and makes them solid enough to actually reach.  Head out to Target and grab a poster board or get on photoshop and create something big and beautiful.  Yes, don’t just put it in your phone or in a notebook.  Make your goals large and stunning.  I tend to frame mine and hang them either in my office or near my bed.  It depends on how personal the goals are.

Specific: Specificity is one of the most important aspects of goal formation.  The more specific a goal the easier it is for your brain to problem solve methods for attaining your objective.  So ask yourself the who, what, where or your dream and it will begin to look more specific.  Beyond that make sure you are in control of your goal.  If other people are responsible for your goal then it is more difficult to complete.  For example, if your goal is to make more money in 2017 but you want to do that by getting a raise at work it may be difficult to control how the HR department and your supervisor feel about raises.  There may be things that happen behind the scenes that impact your ability to get the raise.  So setting a goal like “I will improve my productivity at work”, or “I will ask for a raise after improving productivity for 3 months.”  Allows you to reach your goal without being beholden to the capricious nature of others.  Goals are to be personal.

 Positive Wording: When I say positive I don’t mean positive and negative judgment wise, I mean positive and negative grammatically.  For example, if your goal is to ultimately loose weight and you know you love cake.  So you establish a goal to stop eating cake in the new year because you know that will get your iteratively closer to your final goal of weight loss.  This is a very good way to think but you should focus on adding something rather than just taking something away.  Your brain doesn’t necessarily understand the concept of “no cake” it just hears cake which can increase your desire to delicious cake.  However, if you tell yourself “I will eat more vegetables including asparagus, kale, and brussel sprouts in the new year” now your brain has something to focus on.  Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

File_001 (1).jpeg

Measurable: Making a goal measurable allows you to keep track of your progress.  So ask yourself questions like “how will I know when I’ve reached my goal?”  “How much of what I want will result in me reaching my goal?” “How many of what I want will result in me reaching my goal?” If your goal is difficult to quantify add a scale to it.  Rate on a 1-100 scale or 1-10.  weight is an easy one, the scale is in pounds, stones, or kilos.  But measures of well-being are more difficult and subjective.  It may be more based on your own creative measure.  Like “I’ll know I’m feeling more comfortable around people when I’ve attended 2 social gatherings in one month.”

Attainable: Sometimes we set goals that we aren’t quite qualified for or aren’t quite realistic for us at this time.  It’s important to ask this question and set goals that we can actually reach.  For example, I’m finished growing so I, unfortunately, will never be 6 feet tall.  If that was a goal of mine I would be very frustrated.  So, understand what is changeable and what isn’t.

Relevant: Is your new goal appropriate at this time and is it aligned with your values and life?  Sometimes we create goals that don’t totally fit our personality and then get disappointed when we can’t get it off the ground.  for example, I am petrified when I think about singing in public so I might not want to become Beyonce’s biggest competition.

Time Limited: Set a time limit so you know when it’s time to throw confetti and celebrate your achievements.  Your timelines are personal and can range from 2 minutes to 20 years.

File_000 (1).jpegFile_003.jpeg

Happy goal getting my little achievers!




Bento Box DIY

DIY, Lifestyle December 12, 2016


Compartmentalization is an important task for any business owner.  I fight daily to keep the events in my life in cute tiny little boxes.  This may sound a little neurotic but  managing multiple brand identities, challenges of a 9-5, family, and the HOLIDAYS, things can get hectic.  So, I’m seeking some order by making some pretty bento inspired boxes for my lunch.  Gotta start somewhere.


I found these uber cute boxes at the Container Store.  That place is my idea of heaven…so organized, so beautiful.


Then on to my second favorite place in the world, Michaels, to get some waistband elastic.  I just happened to find this stunning silver elastic.


I did some rudimentary measurements.


Then hand stiched.




Easiest DIY of the year.  2016 was exciting can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring!


DIY Glitter Christmas Ornament 

DIY, Home, Lifestyle December 5, 2016


Christmas isn’t Christmas if it isn’t covered in glitter.  Like, copious amounts of glitter! So, I’m starting my Christmas off with a newly pinkafied tree including two special pink glitter ornaments. It definitely wasn’t rocket science.  Just grab some glue, any glue will do, and sprinkle glitter.


I added fishing string…trying to keep the focus on the glitter!

file_000-1Then sit back and admire!


End Table DIY

DIY, Home November 28, 2016


Love these little end tables.  I’ve had them for about 7 years and they’ve seen a recent transformation from cherry wood to white and gold.  Of course, that’s never enough in my constantly shifting world of home decor.  Sooo, I added a little embellishment.


Cue every crafter’s bet friend, washi tape.


After a little measuring and artful tape handling, this beautiful square emerged…oh la la!


Then things got a little more complicated as I added shape number two.  If you’re doing this at home, make sure you give yourself enough room to add the second shape because the boundaries of the second shape will need to go beyond  the initial square.


Then you’re done!  Simple!!!



DIY, Lifestyle November 23, 2016


Tomorrow, it’s game time.  We’ll be wrangling kids, grandparents, parents, and maybe even step parents.  And with this having been a particularly stressful year there will be some interesting table conversation.  Ooooh all that things we are thankful for.  I may even write a blog about the fabulous things my family members say.  I’ve decided that Thanksgiving bingo might be in order.

Well, this was my friendsgiving table and I want to give you resources for yours.


Ok first things first, find a color scheme.  My mother always told me that any good event has at least three colors.  My basic three were eggplant, pink, and creme.  Then I added accents of sage and gold.


I found these disposable plates at Smarty Had A Party .  They were affordable and looked so amazing!  Then I designed a little plate filler.  Here are some downloadable pdfs…yay… friendsgiving and thanksgiving.   The tablecloth came from Tablecloths Factory.


Simple and DONE!!! I love decorating and my bestie’s backyard.  Gold pineapple says gorgeous!!!!