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The Dr in DC

Lifestyle, travel August 14, 2017

FullSizeRender-4IMG_6507-1I don’t always have an opportunity to travel but I love it when I do.  When I go somewhere I really like to act like a local, go to their local eateries, hang at the best bars, all of that townie stuff.  My trip to DC wasn’t much different but I did hit up some touristy areas, don’t judge me.


I did a little shopping.


Saw some sights!


That’s the Newseum, the place where all nosey people like me get to see the history of news!


Had to swing by the National Museum of Natural History.


Then my dear friend Charita and I organized an amazing group of motivated and dynamic entrepreneurs for Sunday brunch at Lincoln.  We supported each other, shared with each other, and had some seriously amazing girl boss time.


I had a little costume change so yes this was on the same day!


Then I took a very personally meaningful trip to the National Museum of African American History and was given a tour by my dear friend Timothy.  She’s not just a phenomenal friend but also an amazing curator.  African history is American history and as someone that always seeks knowledge, I was constantly surprised and frequently moved to tears.  I recommend everyone go.


It was sugar, not cotton that brought my ancestors here.


9-year-old Rose was sold to a different plantation from her mother and on the auction block, her mother gave her this bag filled with a dress, walnuts, and a lock of her hair.  she never wanted Rose to forget who she was.  What were you doing when you were 9?  I know I wasn’t doing this.


Nat Turner’s Bible.  It’s amazing to me how religion comes to soothe the fears of people in the direst situations.  Faith is a beautiful thing.


I can’t wait for change to come! May each of you go to bed tonight having made this world more beautiful for at least one person.  xoxo

The Best Staycation Yet!

Lifestyle, travel September 20, 2016

File_000 (20).jpeg

My Hubby and I are working on perfecting the staycation.  I mean, why live in sunny California if you don’t take full advantage of obscure hotels, unique restaurants, and Cali’s great ecological diversity.  Where else can you surf and ski in the same day?  Well, yesterday was a double whammy it was my husband’s birthday and our 6 month wedding anniversary.  So, we took a little weekend trip to Palm Springs and stayed at the Saguaro Hotel.  Just enjoy the colorful pictures!

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Hope you enjoyed our colorful weekend at the Saguaro!



Bachelorette Weekend 

Lifestyle, Photography, travel, Wedding December 29, 2015

Shout out to my phenomenal bridesmaids!   Your crazy bride here, wanted a weekend in the snow rather than a night of debauchery.  And you know they wanted some debauchery.  But these lovely ladies took me on a little mountain adventure anyway!  Even though they all couldn’t make it. They all went out of their way to plan or send goodies. 

I mean look at this cute little condo complex.  The snow was just perfect.  We arrived on a Friday with snow already on the ground stayed on Saturday while it snowed, then left on Sunday after the snow melted. 

Look at this living room!!! Ugh just perfection. 

These white walls, adorable little stools, and old school Mammoth map…perfecto! 

Everything was just clean and trendy. 

I bought a special Mammoth jacket and I’m obsessed!  There’s my glitter mug. That tutorial will come soon.           

We had logs. 

And we had fire. 

So of course we made s’more. 

My cute contemplative LaKeisha. 

We drank hot wine. Yup, hot wine!  Red wine, burbon, and cinnamon, I think. Delish!

I played in the snow! 

And I used the Fujitilm instant camera they so graciously bought me. 


Then I flexed my night photo muscles and took some real pictures. We were literally frozen after this. It took almost an hour. 

We had to say good bye but we promised to return and bring more of our girls next time. 


Packing Light

DIY, Lifestyle, travel October 31, 2014


I’ve chronicled some of my past exploits, most of which were to either present or interview, but heading to Spokane, WA with my BF was a simple and unexpected treat.  I am regularly left at home while he heads to the majestic Northwest, but not this time. All well and good but with the short nature of this trip I had to adjust and fit three days of my life and routine into a CARRY ON!!! Sweaters, boots, jackets hats, and toiletries in a carry on (please). So, first things first. I had to buy a carry on, because I mean who really has a small suit case?


Found a navy roller bag for a mere $13 in the garment district. Thank you Downtown LA for all of your many deals. But it’s my bag, so of course I had to add glitter. Here’s a quick how to. 1. I taped around the metal logo plate-had to protect the rest of the bag. 2. Pulled out my trusty spray glue. 3. Added tons of glitter to the still wet glue. 4. Waited for everything to dry and patted it down pretty hard to make sure it was all settled. 5.  Sealed down the glitter it with two ample layers of clear nail polish. 6.  Allowed it to dry over night.  7. Removed the tape and cleaned up any renegade glitter.  One simple way to make a cheap bag look a little more stylish.  If you wanted you could also use a fabric…oooo that’s a good idea.


Then to the actual task packing only things I “needed.” So out came The tribal sweater, two pairs of jeans, two boots (low and high) and a huge faux fur lined jacket. What is a trip to Washington state without a huge army green jacket? I also packed my camera gear and dried seaweed. I know seaweed, how freaking LA.




Then I chronicled the lower half of my outfit doing some pretty Northwesterly things. Gotta love Fall colors, textures and smells. The faint smell of wood fires and chilled air took me back to winters in the OC. I love you Spokane.


Joe & the Juice

Food, travel August 1, 2012

Normally, airports make me tired and frustrated that was until I went through CPH, Copenhagen airport.  Yikes, amazing!  I spent most of my time in the Duty Free Store, which was huge and a juice bar called JOE & THE JUICE.  The ambiance was trendy and hip, the music was loud and current, the staff was adorable (I almost wanted to stay in Denmark just for them), and oh yea the juice was fresh and delish.  I had a drink called Stress Down-strawberry, apple, and ginger.  Ugh, I need a J&tJ fix soo bad I may start a franchise.


Farm, Family, Fun!

Food, Nature, travel July 29, 2012

As we pulled up to the family farm, yes farm, these little cuties came to greet us.  This is definitely a heard of sheep, how cute are these little woolly pre-sweaters?

We were welcomed with a traditional Swedish drink, some finger foods and lots of family. We chatted and got to know each other as Pops barbecued on the grille.


We ate burgers, hotdogs, and roasted marshmallows.  Thanx Pops, you know how to make American’s happy, meat and sugar!  After dinner, Swedish tradition dictates that you eat fika. Fika, is desert typically including some type of cookie or cake and coffee.  We had a brownie fika with some heavy whipping cream, yummmmm!

Then to the real fun, kubb.  Kubb is a game where you throw sticks at other sticks with the intention of knocking them over so you can hit other sticks.  I know it sounds complicated but it’s amazingly fun.  It may have been so fun for me because my softball skills really came in handy, underhand throwing accuracy is a coveted skill.  As the girl team was loosing kubb Elvis made an appearance and sang a few songs, it was actually Pops.  All in all my day in the farmland of Kalmar Sweden was amazing.  I would go back any day!


Morning in Downtown!

Fashion, travel July 27, 2012

Waking up in Kalmar, Sash and I had too many things to do.  After all, every good jet setter worth her weight in Louis Vuitton has every moment of her day filled with foreign fun.  So, we quickly got ready, found some bikes, had some much needed coffee from a local shop, and headed to the mall.  We didn’t buy too much but had the funnest/most stressful time finding a converter so we could finish our hair…ugh make sure you have the right converter readers.  It is a huge hassle.


In honor of the Swedish flag I wore some yellow shorts.  Well, I just wore them because they are adorable, but let’s pretend I put more intention into my ensembles.