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One ring to rule them all! 

Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping, Tech February 24, 2015

My jewelry collection has grown one bauble larger today thanks to a wonderful article written by Brit + Co. My Ringly smart ring has arrived!  It’s beyond just fashion its wearable tech, fabulous, miraculous, wearable tech.  Ringly allows you to connect to all your networks while staying in the present moment. It’s a super gorgeous 18 carat matte gold ring with a semi-precious stone. Im just in love! 

As an early adopter the founder and CEO sent a lovely thank you letter. Can’t ask for a classier company.

The packaging is exquisite.

This is what I found inside!  The little box held the black and gold USB cord the larger box holds the good stuff.

The ring box doubles as a portable charger. Just plug it in with the detachable USB cord and it charges while it charges your ring.  The box even holds the charge after it’s disconnected so you can charge on the go. Ugh…perfection!

The ring pairs with an app and alerts you to phone calls, text messages, emails, calendar events, even social media updates.  It buzzes and lights up in an array of colors (pink-more like red, yellow, blue, purple, and green). The buzz is super subtle, far more appropriate for that, middle of a board meeting, text message. My phone vibrates so loudly that I may as well have the ringer on. I’ve even set it up to buzz and shine a specific color when my beloved calls.

Basically, this is the best thing ever created. I mean next to penicillin and the printing press. So, in my humble opinion, get this ring!

My Old Friends

Tech October 19, 2011

Ipads and readers have changed the world, but what will be done with their predecessors, actual books?  Are they to be left dusty in bookshelves only to serve as the reason for book ends?  I certainly hope not.  Nothing beats the smell of a book or laying down with one without it flipping horizontal.


Tech Talk!

Lifestyle, Tech October 14, 2011

I had a pretty exciting day, it began with a location walk through, a final interview (hurray for jobs), and a new purchase.  My iphone 3GS has seen better days so I rationalized going into my local ATT and purchasing my newest over priced gizmo.  Honestly, I love her…yes her.  She’s wonderful, fast, great camera, and Siri’s cool-a little creepy-but cool.  I give the iphone 4S 4 out of 5 cupcakes.

The Future! Get Ready

Advice, Lifestyle, Tech March 29, 2011

I’m not ready yet.  Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is conducting research where he studies future anticipated motor functions in primate brains.  As an action potential, electric impulse, moves along a brain cell it causes a change in a cell.  That change is what causes action, whatever that action may be.  Dr. Nicolelis’ study is about anticipating these action potentials, basically thinking about making a move.  The primates brains are connected to computers so as they think about making a move or playing a game the move is made and the game is played on the computer screen.  Future implications, creating full body “armor” for paralyzed people allowing their thoughts to help them ambulate. This guy is definitely the future.  Everyone…it’s stylish to read, so get studying…be the change.

Fashion meets Tech!

Celebrity, Fashion, Tech February 9, 2011

Talk about a blending of fashion and technology.  Vivienne Tam has been presented with the task of beautifying Jack Dorsey’s uber tech Square.  The Square is a plug in for you iPhone, iPad, or Android phone that allows you to run credit cards.  I have the app but I haven’t applied for the plug in yet…I’m waiting for a pink one.

New skool “Ghetto Blaster”.

Lifestyle, Music, Tech December 6, 2010

The boom-box is back!!…thanks to TDK.  This modern portable stereo debuts in early 2011 and is initially priced at $499.  This sucka comes fully equipped with three 35-watt RMS speakers, audio inputs for your iPhone/iPod, USB port, AM/FM radio, and an OLED display.  I’m sure my Kid n’ Play album sounds alot better on this than it did on my Sony Walkman