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One ring to rule them all! 

Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping, Tech February 24, 2015

My jewelry collection has grown one bauble larger today thanks to a wonderful article written by Brit + Co. My Ringly smart ring has arrived!  It’s beyond just fashion its wearable tech, fabulous, miraculous, wearable tech.  Ringly allows you to connect to all your networks while staying in the present moment. It’s a super gorgeous 18 carat matte gold ring with a semi-precious stone. Im just in love! 

As an early adopter the founder and CEO sent a lovely thank you letter. Can’t ask for a classier company.

The packaging is exquisite.

This is what I found inside!  The little box held the black and gold USB cord the larger box holds the good stuff.

The ring box doubles as a portable charger. Just plug it in with the detachable USB cord and it charges while it charges your ring.  The box even holds the charge after it’s disconnected so you can charge on the go. Ugh…perfection!

The ring pairs with an app and alerts you to phone calls, text messages, emails, calendar events, even social media updates.  It buzzes and lights up in an array of colors (pink-more like red, yellow, blue, purple, and green). The buzz is super subtle, far more appropriate for that, middle of a board meeting, text message. My phone vibrates so loudly that I may as well have the ringer on. I’ve even set it up to buzz and shine a specific color when my beloved calls.

Basically, this is the best thing ever created. I mean next to penicillin and the printing press. So, in my humble opinion, get this ring!


Lifestyle, Shopping November 12, 2014


This Sunday I did one of the most exciting things in maker/craft world, went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market!


I meet a delicious little retro pink poodle.


I fell in love with all the jadeite dish wear. But I was also intrigued by the bowl that looked like a sea creature.


There was every kind of knob…


And beads that made me feel like I was lost at sea.


Then I ate garlic fries with LOTS of love. Vampires stayed far away for the rest of the evening.


I also bought this little guy and gave him to a dear friend as a housewarming gift.



Mental Health, Photography, Shopping September 27, 2014


So, my online shopping obsession continues with a totally adorbs bow ear cuff. Sarah Munsey, of Wired for Freedom left me a little message “You are loved, valued, unique, and beautiful you can do anything.” I mean amazing. Then she explained how she was a cutter and crafts freed her from emotional pain. It was definitely more than I expected and much appreciated.


Bountiful Friday

Lifestyle, Shopping May 17, 2013



Today, Cigars and Cupcakes ended up on Abbot Kinney, one of the hottest streets in Venice. I stumbled into Bountiful, you may not find the store name posted anywhere but it’s below a vintage sign “True Fit. ” I found myself propelled into a magical land, standing among cake stands, candle sticks, spools of thread, ribbon, handing chairs, and a pretty exquisite christmas tree suspended atop a tower of crystal. There were so many little bits and bobs that I was terrified it would all come crashing down around me but I found the strength to soak in all the eclectic ambiance.



Fur Ban

Fashion, Politics, Shopping December 5, 2011

Fall and Winter fashion trends often revolve around a central material, fur.  This is evident from the Dries Van Noten, Juicy Couture, Adrienne Landau, Vera Wang, and Zadig & Voltaire fall fashion lines.  However, as some of you may know, West Hollywood’s city council voted 3-1 to ban the fuzzy trend, at least within their city limits. A spokeswoman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Lindsay Rajt, was quoted by the NY Times as saying: “These days, fur is falling out of favor with most designers”.  We can cite Calvin Klein’s fur free runway as well as Ralph Lauren’s furless models.  She also said “I think West Hollywood is setting a tremendous example for other cities to follow.”

I understand the concept, CA sets legislative trends (ie. AB 32) and hopefully the world listens; however, is this one a little too far reaching?  It doesn’t seem like anyone’s listening  anyway there is no shortage of furry fashion on Melrose, Beverly Blvd, even La Brea.  In all actuality, the recession has done a number on many of LA’s  shopping locals-take a walk down Melrose and count the For Lease signs.  Does the city really need to hobble our fashion industry any more that the financial climate already has?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT for kicking puppies, but humans have been wearing fur since before we had language.  Is WeHo showing a little hubris by attempting to alter a million year old trend?

Learn more about the ban at



Advice, Lifestyle, Shopping December 3, 2011

I love shopping, discovering places to shop, and finding new people to shop with.  Yes, I’m not that multidimensional when it really comes down to it; forgive me.  So today my sister and I went to procure her a cane, yes a cane, and she brought me to the most amazing vintage shop, JOYRIDE: VINTAGE, in downtown orange.  We spent some time getting acquainted with the odds and ends and chatting up the shop keeps.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and probably need their own reality show.  There were a few items I became totally obsessed with; a great bamboo dandy cane, awesome old school aftershave, some patches-the spider one will be mine,  some pocket watches, and my favorite-a bit macabre-their collection of glass eyes.

They have so many amazing things I couldn’t take pictures of it all, so you’ll just have to head there yourself and check it out.  Don’t even think about getting the steamer chest…it’s mine!

Stay at Home Friday!

Lifestyle, Shopping November 25, 2011

With incidents like the MACE ATTACK on  a throng of Black Friday Walmart shoppers in the San Fernando Valley it may be safer to stay home today.  In all honestly, I don’t think buying discounted kitchen utensils you probably won’t use until next Thanksgiving is even worth it.  Thought I’ve had my share of BF hauls I’ve complied a list of things I love to do even on the blackest of Fridays.

1. Work off all that Thanksgiving dinner.  That 2 mile run was just the warm up!

2.  Watch all the holiday shows I missed prepairing for Thanksgiving.  Hulu is my best friend today.

3.  Put up Christmas decorations.  Since I’m already at my parents’ home I always get tricked into hanging lights and garlin.

4.  Reconnect with loved ones.  Since most people have Black Friday off work I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the phone with old friends who are other wise too distracted by their busy lives to talk.

Isn’t this all much better than fighting with a mother of 3 for a pair of cheetah print stockings?