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Celebrity, Fashion, Music February 16, 2013



My bestie and I run a consulting firm, we do a little bit of everything and last week I wore my stylist hat and prepped a client for the Grammys. I’m normally on the other side of a table or computer meticulously planning people’s lives so styling’s a bit outside my wheelhouse. But my fashion muse, Mike, and I got into the field and made some last minute magic happen anyway. Thanks to Opening Ceremony in Beverly Hills. . We found some wax covered jeans, desert boots, and double breasted jacket. But my favorite piece had to be the maroon ceramic bow tie. Sting loved it too, he actually said so. Lesson learned, step outside of your comfort zone often, it will follow you.


In the Defense of Sound

Art, Lifestyle, Music June 3, 2012

Def Sound, who now only goes by Def, has been defending the authenticity of music since he was 14 years old.  His origins were in beat making where he made, I swear, one beat a day.  He then developed into a rapper, a slam poet, and now an MC and mini fashion mogul.  His style is super inspiring and novel, check out his video (A)gain, it includes a pretty interesting fashion progression.  Honestly, he’s the embodiment of the modern underground musician, a true chameleon.  I may be a little bias, so you be the judge, DEF!  Anyway,  Def and I had a little sit down and I asked a few questions about his most recent video, Birds.I.View.

Cupcakes: When you wrote Birds.I.View what motivated you?

Def: I imagined my eyes were projecting my memories on the ceiling and I was just watching them. 

Cupcakes: I know you tend to use symbols and metaphor in your work, are there any you would like to mention from this song?

Def:  Well, when I call a woman a “sky when there’s nothing” I just mean that she is infinity when surrounded by darkness.  And I got the phrase “skitsometrically” from my favorite Gondry film “the Science of Sleep.”  Those are my favorite lines in the song.  

Short and sweet…


Beyonce Leading the Pack!!!

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion, Music June 27, 2011

Tonight was a monumental night for Lady Beyonce.  As the first African American to open the festivities at Glastonbury she performed for a crowd of over 175,000.  Her 90 minute set featured some of B’s hottest, including “Single Ladies,” “If I Were a Boy,” “Telephone” and “Irreplaceable,” among others, and covering “You Oughtta Know” (Alanis Morissette), “Sweet Dreams” (Eurythmics), “Sex on Fire” (Kings of Leon), and “The Beautiful Ones” (Prince).


Advice, Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion, Music May 28, 2011

I’ve posted about Lady GaGa before, about her ridiculous ensembles and controversial lyrics, but I’ve seen a new side to GaGa.  As an appreciator of great singing I’ve been disappointed with the music industry, I mean come on Rebecca Black…even Justin Beber at times ugh!  However, when I watched Lady GaGa sing Born This Way, acapella, I saw the popstar in a different light.  She has an amazing voice which is overshadowed by her dramatic attire and ghastly make-up.  If anything I so wish I could just hear a GaGa unplugged, avoid the Swarovski coverd Alexander McQueen’s and and kermit dresses, just hear her for what she is, AMAZING!  If I was talking directly to her I would say…You won, all those mean kids rue the day they crossed you, but it’s time to let it all go.  Forgiveness is transcendence and is the only way you will ever be free.  Be free little GaGa be free!!!