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I Wonder

Films, Lifestyle, women June 4, 2017


Wonder Woman is killing in the theaters and reflecting our changing climate where women rule supreme!  No, we didn’t get Hillary but globally it’s the time of the woman.  Lest we forget, the largest protest in HERstory was dedicated to and organized by women.  The world is changing, gone are the days of hand to hand combat and protecting our caves, now politics requires diplomacy and a gentle thoughtful touch, that’s where we come in.  So, in honor of all things woman I’ve cultivated some Wonder Woman inspo to motivate your Monday.


Go gold, metallics are powerful.


While you’re at it grab some Wonder Woman inspired fashion.  Think bangles, amazonian/Greek inspired dresses, and lots of laurels.


Wonder Woman’s home, Themyscira, is a little reminiscent of ancient Rome.  So why not go Greek with your inspo.

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Then always remember who runs the world!!!



Movie Makers!

Films October 26, 2011

I can’t get enough of my new movie making family…They are some of the most talented and hard working people I know.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.

This is the deadly duo, Drew and Yuki.  Every director needs a genius DP and every DP needs an understanding and creative director.  These are two of the hardest working men in LA.  They have been shooting since Thursday and they are still going strong actually, they are meeting about shots as we speak.

UPMs, gaffers, and AD’s oh my.  There’s also an AC in there.

Who doesn’t love the costume and make-up/hair departments.  So fabulous Gurlz!!!  There are so many people I love on set.  Don’t worry I’m posting pictures of them too…These pix are all thanx to our DIT, Zack.  Please don’t ask me what a DIT is, it’s way too complicated for me to understand let alone explain.


Celebrity, Films August 31, 2011

I Don’t Know How She Does It shouldn’t just be the title of her next movie.

SJP is truly the woman most of us aspire to be.  She appears to be an attentive wife to her hubby as he prepares for his new Broadway show, mommy to three precocious kidletts, and manages her own full time career.  She reminds me of my own dear mother, but she definately doesn’t make my mom’s famous lasagna.  Pictures from Vogue Aug 2011

A Must Watch

Advice, Art, Celebrity, Films, Lifestyle March 29, 2011

Lisa Ling hosts a new hard hitting show, “Our America,” on OWN.  I just finished an episode discussing the dynamic between the Christian church and homosexuality.  I was touched by how gently she handled the controversial issue and motivated to  encourage understanding and individual decision making.  I think everyone, Gay, Straight, or other wise should watch.  Here is a LINK.

Throw some extra moozarella on that muddaf-ka!!

Films December 5, 2010

Over 20 years after Spike’s BEST film, “Do The Right Thing, comes the book that celebrates the crowning jewel of his filmography.  Read about the intimate details and peruse rare photos from behind the scenes of the film the U.S. Library of Congress describes as “culturally significant” and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Lil’ known fact: President Barack Obama took first lady, Michelle Obama, to see “Do The Right Thing” on their first date. Purchase the hardcover book on and check out one of my favorite scenes here.