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Lesson from His Holiness

Celebrity, Lifestyle, Mental Health February 27, 2014


This past Tuesday I had the awesome opportunity to see the 14th Dalai Lama in the flesh…yes, in the flesh. Of course there were about 400 people between him and myself, but it never felt that way. His broken English added a sense of mystique to his simple yet profound statements. I was deeply touched by his words on happiness, trust, and transparency. Seems simple, happiness is dependent of trust and trust cannot exist without transparency, but there are deeper implications.

Trust is a complex phenomena, according to the Dalai Lama, it is a fundamental component of human connection and as social creatures connection is survival. This triggered some of my personal obsessions with neurotransmitters and brain function. So, I instantly thought of how much oxytocin does to enhance bonding, thus, impacting human survival. It is released during intimate interactions like touch and when women give birth and breastfeed. This neurotransmitter is so important that if a child isn’t touched in the first few months of life they literally die, can you believe that. We need others so much, without them we literally cannot survive. That adds a whole new power to the pain after a break up. Well, back to the Dalai Lama and his perspective on transparency. In my mind transparency is a fundamental necessity for trust. You can’t trust someone that doesn’t show you who they are. But true transparency is difficult especially if you’ve ever been hurt before, and who hasn’t been there.

My basic take away was that all humans are chemically connected and we need each other to survive. Since this is the case, what can you do today to improve the life of another person? After all, if we are all connected, then their happiness impacts your happiness in some way…right? I hope you find away to be transparent, trust, and be happy!

Thanx Middlebury Magazine for the picture!

My Dreams

Celebrity, Fashion July 30, 2013


So, I have a minor fashion obsession and as a fashion obsessed woman I must be ready for Fall. Of course, Raf Simons has brought us fall Christian Dior excellence. This floor length belted and beaded gown was my favorite. Gee I wish I could get my hands on one for my pending photo shoot. Cough cough, wink wink, hope you are reading Raf.


The Best of the Night

Art, Celebrity May 8, 2013


Like any red blooded American woman my eyes were glued to the Met Gala Monday night. So, also like any red blooded American woman I must give my, never too humble opinion. I’m going to keep it positive and short…Rooney Mara, Rooney Mara, Rooney Mara! She was pure perfection, not too literally punk, every lady knows to hint at a theme, don’t be a caricature. Her Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci white lace, shoulder-riffic, feminine dress was the essence of edgy chic. Thank you to the Mara style camp. Photo taken by Kevin Mazur. Lessons of the night; don’t show up in one pattern from head to toe, exposed roots aren’t a style, and don’t be too literal…Miley C.



Celebrity, Fashion, Music February 16, 2013



My bestie and I run a consulting firm, we do a little bit of everything and last week I wore my stylist hat and prepped a client for the Grammys. I’m normally on the other side of a table or computer meticulously planning people’s lives so styling’s a bit outside my wheelhouse. But my fashion muse, Mike, and I got into the field and made some last minute magic happen anyway. Thanks to Opening Ceremony in Beverly Hills. . We found some wax covered jeans, desert boots, and double breasted jacket. But my favorite piece had to be the maroon ceramic bow tie. Sting loved it too, he actually said so. Lesson learned, step outside of your comfort zone often, it will follow you.


Model Mahem!

Celebrity, Fashion May 4, 2012


Who among us can’t recall an under aged model/predatory photographer story. As we read we all think “how horrible”, “she did what?”, and “where were her parents?” Well, the industry at large is more than aware of their image and they are ready for a little rehab. The Council of Fashion Designers of America and the British Fashion Council both established mandates to do away with under aged modeling as well as under weight and unhealthy models. Vogue Magazine is taking it to the next step with all 19 Vogue worldwide publications standing in solidarity on the issue. They are hitting the issue from both sides, policy and product. If policies support healthy models and have the support of the publications then this problem has a chance of correction. But if other publications don’t follow suit it may be unlikely that we will see a true endemic paradigm shift. I say more power to Vogue I will support the publication and the ideal of healthy of aged models. Thanx Anna Wintour, I know you had a lot to do with this.