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Feathers and Frames 

Art, DIY, Home, Lifestyle April 23, 2017

I love bringing nature into my home. From my slight obsession with succulents to the abandoned bird’s nest; compassionately transitioning the outside inside is a passion of mine. So, as I was aimlessly walking around my parents’ property I found this delightfully abandoned feather and thought it must go on my cafe wall. This is possibly he easiest DIY ever. 

Firstly, don’t judge my gloves. I’m a tiny bit paranoid about tics and little creepy crawlies.  My first task was to make sure the feather fit the frame and yay it did!

Next, grab your trusty E6000 glue because nothing can withstand its power. 

Hold it down and you’re almost done. 

Place it in the frame, put the back on and voila!  Beautiful!!! 

The only space left on my wall was horizontal so here it will live. Happy crafting! 

Beach Girl 

Art, Lifestyle September 7, 2015

As a born and bred Orange County girl the Pacific Ocean flows through my veins.  Water has always brought me peace and been a centering force. So, moving into the heart of LA hasn’t been a completely natural shift.  I mean it’s wonderful and everything but it’s just NOT THE BEACH!!!  

I spent a little quality time in Santa Monica fighting the crazy tide…thanx El Niño. But surfers were out and the sun was high. 



Just look at my little big man! It may be time to leave the city. 


Jump for Joy 

Art, DIY April 19, 2015


I have been painfully absent for the past few weeks.  Engagement parties, trips, wedding planning, business meetings, and tons of crafting projects have kept me super busy. But I’m back!!! And I’m excited to announce that my traverses brought me to the fabulous Joy Cho’s  book signing in Los Angeles. Well, I live in LA so I didn’t have to travel that far. 


Her book is possibly the cutest accumulation of crafts and adorableness I’ve ever owned and I own a lot of Martha Stewart magazines.  The book, in a nutshell, is about bettering the lives of those around you through creativity and beautiful things. That’s what I’m all about and now I’m super motivated to just, be better. 


The whole shebang took place at the West Elm in Beverly Hills. This is actually one of my favorite furniture and nick nack spots, so I was doubly excited! 

I got there early and it was a pretty active crowd. It got the the point where it was super difficult to walk around. Joy brings a pretty big crowd. 


Then I became pretty obsessed with their paper cup garlands. 

I got to eat salted caramel ice cream with chocolate “gravel” from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. 



Finally the piece de resistance, I got to chat with Joy. Super sweet and motivational!  



Photo Obsession

Art, Lifestyle, Photography October 8, 2014


Photography has been a part of my life since the days of the disposable. I even had that Polaroid I-Zone camera. Remember that? It had the small sticky pictures that you plastered all over your Trapper Keeper. Yup had one of those too-I’ve always been ridiculously organized. Well, I’ve since found myself nestled in the compact little bosom of Fujifilm’s X series. My love needed to be commemorated so, of course, I scheduled a photoshoot.



I believe in a well cultivated shoot, so these were my three favorites.



Art, Lifestyle September 1, 2014


It’s been a little while since we spoke last. But I’ve definitely been a busy little beaver. Working, quitting, focusing on my consulting firm, and honing my photography skills. Here I highlighted my love of mint green, gold, white, and office supplies. I’m OBSESSED with office supplies…I wish the whole world was nothing but office supplies.


I also added some thank you cards, also an obsession of mine, and a bracelet given to me by my bestie at her wedding. “A” that’s me!!!


Lighting was a challenge but I’ll get this table top thing. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


Christmas Branding

Art, Lifestyle December 25, 2013


Branding is huge, it shows intention and makes people feels like you know what you’re doing. I’ve been a little obsessed since starting a consulting firm, which requires a ton of branding. So this year I branded the crap out of my Christmas gifts. Everyone instantly knew they were from me no horrible Christmas name tag necessary. I made my own little flowers and everyone loved them…almost as much as their actual gifts.


First you’ll need, crepe paper (that stuff you string up for parties), tape, siccors, and tinsel. You’ll also want a little circle of tissue paper.


First, cut out petal shapes from your crepe paper, set them aside. Cut out a circle from your tissue paper. Then tape your petals to the tissue paper circle. I chose a set of 5 petals, this is commonly seen in nature and looks the most natural. Keep layering the petals, filling in all the spaces. Three layers of petals works best.


To make it look a little more authentic I crushed the petals a little then opened it back up. Next I swirled the tinsel between my fingers until I had a little ball. Then a taped the ball into the center of the flower. DONE!!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, hopefully you’ll hear from me before the New Year.