Month: December 2015

Glitter Mug DIY

DIY, Uncategorized December 31, 2015


What you’ll need: 

2 small brushes, modpodge, exacto knife, glitter, a printer, something to cut on top of (I used a magazine), and mugs. 


Find a font you love and type the letters or words you want one your mug. Print them out and use your handy exacto knife to cut out the letter(s). 

Pull the letters out. Here’s where you need to make a decision. If you want just a letter or phrase on your mug use the large piece of paper with the letter cut out.  But if you want glitter everywhere with the letter or phrase blank use the part you removed from the larger paper.  


I chose to make mugs with glitter letters so I used the larger piece of paper. Some letters are more difficult than others. This A for example. 

Tape everything down. 


And start modpodging. Use your small brush to apply the modpodge. I use a dabbing method. 
Add your glitter. Then remove the paper stencil. I took it off before it was totally dry. When I waited for it to dry the stencils tore and it was a mess. 

Brush off excess glitter with a dry brush. I had to do a few layers of glitter so don’t be scared to add more modpodge and glitter.  


Then use your exacto knife to clean up the edges. 

Then use your small brush to add at least three layers of modpodge. Allow each layer to dry before adding the next layer. If you let thee mugs sit for 19 days they are suppose to be dishwasher safe.   Who knew 👆🏾. 

And here ya go!!! 


Bachelorette Weekend 

Lifestyle, Photography, travel, Wedding December 29, 2015

Shout out to my phenomenal bridesmaids!   Your crazy bride here, wanted a weekend in the snow rather than a night of debauchery.  And you know they wanted some debauchery.  But these lovely ladies took me on a little mountain adventure anyway!  Even though they all couldn’t make it. They all went out of their way to plan or send goodies. 

I mean look at this cute little condo complex.  The snow was just perfect.  We arrived on a Friday with snow already on the ground stayed on Saturday while it snowed, then left on Sunday after the snow melted. 

Look at this living room!!! Ugh just perfection. 

These white walls, adorable little stools, and old school Mammoth map…perfecto! 

Everything was just clean and trendy. 

I bought a special Mammoth jacket and I’m obsessed!  There’s my glitter mug. That tutorial will come soon.           

We had logs. 

And we had fire. 

So of course we made s’more. 

My cute contemplative LaKeisha. 

We drank hot wine. Yup, hot wine!  Red wine, burbon, and cinnamon, I think. Delish!

I played in the snow! 

And I used the Fujitilm instant camera they so graciously bought me. 


Then I flexed my night photo muscles and took some real pictures. We were literally frozen after this. It took almost an hour. 

We had to say good bye but we promised to return and bring more of our girls next time. 


DIY Christmas

Lifestyle December 25, 2015


Better late than never!  Of course I wanted to post this days ago but life just kept happening and I mindfully went with her.  But seriously Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. The smells, colors, family, food, decorations, and the CRAFTS!  Christmas crafts are on a whole other level. Definitely the holy grail. Well, I did a good deal of crafting this year and I’ll kinda walk you through some…

Any good DIY project worth its salt involves repurposing some old once useful object into a new more meaningful one. For my DIY Christmas I repurposed some old lightbulbs into Christmas tree ornaments. 

  My photog fiancĂ© is the king of lighting…I mean his first word was literally light. So I figured this would be a great addition to our holiday decor. It’s easy,  I wrapped some twine around the bulb and hung them up. Bang! 
Our colors were black and white so I played it up with some black ribbon, glitter and satin, (class you), some black ornaments, and white flowers. If you noticed my tree stand is an upside down ikea end table. The crafting way, repurpose, reuse, recycle. Got it from Oh Joy‘s yard sale. I made some 3D stars for my walls and to top my adorable little tree. I found a tutorial here.  


We get a new camera/photography related ornament every year. We only have two to show for ourselves but I’m pretty sure we have time to grow our collection. 


Next, I cut out about one million Christmas trees. There were so many. I stuck them on everything. You may even remember them from a previous post of mine. Hmmm I wonder who will find the post first?  


This is the view into our cute little kitchen. Wish I was organized enough to take pictures of everything. Sometimes the holidays just get away from you. 



Food, Lifestyle December 15, 2015

As a Wholefoods warrior I love little random decadent delights. This yummy, caned, wine piqued my interest. We mostly turn our first world noses up at boxed and caned wines but when something is this adorable how can you. Look at her just so cute! 


I mean look at this cute little pink and green can. Skeee Weee to all my Sorors out there!  But of course I poured it into a copper stemless wine glass. I simply do my solo morning wine tasting right.  


And yup delish. Light, fizzy, a little sweet, but mainly I tasted lime. Reminds me of summer at the beach. If you want something fun and refreshing for a girls night or brunch try Pampelonne found at Wholefoods. 


Food, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Mental health, Photography December 10, 2015

The little tiny hungry girl inside of me couldn’t let this moment pass quietly into the night. I LOOOVE macaroons!  They are just so simple a chic. Truly the perfect snack. 

And if you like macaroons then you have to get them from Bottega Louie. It is downtown LA’s little window into delicious French snackerie…yup snackerie, I made that up. 

  I mean look at this absolute perfection.  Packaging isn’t just about putting a great product in a box. It’s about creating and tapping into the emotions of consumers. A lot of thought and research goes into creating these iconic designs. Different colors evoke different feelings, some may even make you want to purchase more goodies.  I think that’s the goal. 

Pink is the color of gentleness and love and evokes feelings of calm. It doesn’t make me hungry but since it’s my favorite color it encourages me to buy, buy, buy. Some of the effects of color are due to personal factors and preferences but there are definitely effects that impact all of us. It’s just evolution baby! For example, colors like red and orange get our attention because they have historically signaled danger. Thus, stop lights and road cones.   

I’m so sure you didn’t sign up for this little lesson in color theory, you just wanted to look at pictures of macaroons. But now that I’m done forcing you to learn some random information, go and see how colors make you feel today.  Ciao! 

Cinnamon Honey Mask

Lifestyle December 8, 2015


Winter is finally here in LA, even though it was like 70 degrees today.  But with Winter comes drier weather that can damage your pretty little punam.  How do we protect ourselves?  Moisture, moisture, moisture and maybe a little acne prevention.
  Prevention is the name of the game.  That’s why facial masks are so very important.  And even more important is knowing exactly what’s on your face.  Thanx to my bestie, Sasha Sloan-Dizack, I made a super simple, super effective cinnamon honey mask.  It’s exactly like it sounds…

You’ll Need:

1/4 Tbs of cinnamon and 1/8 cup of honey

Cinnamon isn’t just insanely delish in your coffee, try it, it also helps decrease the effects of acne.  Acne is many different things for different people but overall it’s bacterial colonization, swelling, and a breakdown of keratin.  Of course cinnamon does something to combat this horrible affliction we all know so well.  Specifically, it acts as an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling), and is an antioxidant (yay electrons!).  Thus helping your skin stay health.

Then there is honey, my favorite beauty product.  It’s an antibacterial and heals wounds pretty well, it boosts your natural glow, and it’s also an antioxidant which helps your skin look young forever dahhhling!

  Mix them together…

  Put on a cute robe you don’t mind covering in cinnamon honey.  It will get EVERYWHERE!  Be ready.  My rug will never be the same.  I left the mask on for about 15 minutes.

Then I moisturized with my favorite facial cream, Gentry + Hicks.  I’m a little biased, this is my product.  It’s natural and insanely moisturizing!

Then live your life and continue with your day!!! I want to hear all about your process, maybe you even have some tips for me.