DIY Invites 

DIY, Lifestyle June 8, 2015

In my almost daily wedding journey I’ve ben lamenting over all of the events I have-yes have-to plan and all of the expensive invites we will be buying.  I mean this is engagement party 2, there are bridal showers and teas to come.  Well, then I figured out how to print my little invite creations on some pretty heavy stock paper in my little ol’ printer.

First I grabbed my water color paper, I choose this because I knew I’d be painting it later and I loved the texture.  Then I slid it into the feeding tray, one sheet at a time, in the back of my printer instead of the normal tray.  This is the key to printing on the good stuff.  Next, I got my favorite flat water color brush and some pink pigment and painted the top of the invites.  Some of my personal info has been removed from the cards.  I love you guys but I get nervous LOL.  


Next use a paper cutter to cut out the invites…make sure you cut inside the black outlines.  Nobody wants to see that!


Then I cut out another rectangle slightly larger than the invite and spray glued them together.  Finally, I grabbed a gold pigment marker and colored the edge.

This is the final product!!! I hope this can help and inspire someone!!!

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  1. jumpyjess says on June 8, 2015

    I absolutely love this! The invitations look so elegant despite how simple it is! 😀 Very inspiring!

  2. Michaela @ The Lodge on Haydon says on June 26, 2015

    These are gorgeous! I just LOVE watercolor and especially on an invitation! If your looking for some affordable invitation designs that you can print yourself you should also check out Etsy! I’m self promoting here, but there’s lots to see for a good price and it’s half DIY : ) Although you seem to have the whole invitation thing down to a science! These are really beautiful and fun. Can’t wait to see more of what you do for the wedding!

    Michaela @

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