Month: October 2014

Packing Light

DIY, Lifestyle, travel October 31, 2014


I’ve chronicled some of my past exploits, most of which were to either present or interview, but heading to Spokane, WA with my BF was a simple and unexpected treat.  I am regularly left at home while he heads to the majestic Northwest, but not this time. All well and good but with the short nature of this trip I had to adjust and fit three days of my life and routine into a CARRY ON!!! Sweaters, boots, jackets hats, and toiletries in a carry on (please). So, first things first. I had to buy a carry on, because I mean who really has a small suit case?


Found a navy roller bag for a mere $13 in the garment district. Thank you Downtown LA for all of your many deals. But it’s my bag, so of course I had to add glitter. Here’s a quick how to. 1. I taped around the metal logo plate-had to protect the rest of the bag. 2. Pulled out my trusty spray glue. 3. Added tons of glitter to the still wet glue. 4. Waited for everything to dry and patted it down pretty hard to make sure it was all settled. 5.  Sealed down the glitter it with two ample layers of clear nail polish. 6.  Allowed it to dry over night.  7. Removed the tape and cleaned up any renegade glitter.  One simple way to make a cheap bag look a little more stylish.  If you wanted you could also use a fabric…oooo that’s a good idea.


Then to the actual task packing only things I “needed.” So out came The tribal sweater, two pairs of jeans, two boots (low and high) and a huge faux fur lined jacket. What is a trip to Washington state without a huge army green jacket? I also packed my camera gear and dried seaweed. I know seaweed, how freaking LA.




Then I chronicled the lower half of my outfit doing some pretty Northwesterly things. Gotta love Fall colors, textures and smells. The faint smell of wood fires and chilled air took me back to winters in the OC. I love you Spokane.



Lifestyle October 29, 2014


I don’t really have much to say right now, but I wanted to make sure I posted some of my pictures from the Txture Magazine shoot the other day.  Gotta love a stylist that knows how to bring the pretty.  I mean the looks were so unified and clean, then there were the sparkles…


Ugh, I almost passed out…




Of course I had to get in on the action.  Here is my gilded tattoo.  Thanx to my cousin Stevie Mackey for being a good sharer.


Art Day!

DIY, Lifestyle October 27, 2014


Once a month a group of my most creative friends get together for purely artistic expression. This, our second art day featured the mighty pumpkin. Halloween only comes around once a year and we wanted everyone to have something to take home.


My cousin Stevie has an amazing studio he uses it for relaxation and I use it for art. Isn’t family great.


Some people carved their pumpkins.


Some people painted them.


Then one did both. If there was a carving contest, my ex roomie, Ashley, definitely won.


Of course mine was gilded.



DIY, Fashion October 23, 2014


The only thing better than a great and trustworthy camera is a personalized strap. Sad to say, a tribal thrift store skirt had to die, but she will always be remembered.


Here are your tools: scissors, iron, and glue dots. Then for some reason, a little sprig of something fresh just because.


Find a wonderful strip of tribal goodness and cut away.


Measure, fold, and iron.


Next, just glue it down.


Now it’s ready to wear.


Girl Power

Lifestyle, Politics October 11, 2014


So, today is International Day of the Girl; a day dedicated to increasing awareness of women’s issues around the world. It’s pretty serendipitous that Malala Yousafzai, the survivor, activist, and writer is, as of yesterday, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about making the rest of us seem like total slackers. Listen to this rundown of achievements. At only 11 she had the guts to publicly speak out about girls needing access to education just like boys. She began blogging for the BBC and the New York Times did a documentary on her. She even won a Pakistani Peace Prize and gave a speech at the UN. I mean what an impressively positive imprint for someone under 16-well, for anyone.

Most of us Westerners became aware of her after she was shot in the head by the Taliban, two years ago Thursday, at the age of 15. She miraculously survived the attempt and wrote about how it’s impact propelled her mission in her autobiography, I Am Malala. She was quoted in a Parade article as saying; It feels like this life is not my life. It’s a second life. People have prayed to God to spare me and I was spared for a reason-to use my life for helping people. Let’s be motivated by this spectacular girl, go out and be the change!


Photo Obsession

Art, Lifestyle, Photography October 8, 2014


Photography has been a part of my life since the days of the disposable. I even had that Polaroid I-Zone camera. Remember that? It had the small sticky pictures that you plastered all over your Trapper Keeper. Yup had one of those too-I’ve always been ridiculously organized. Well, I’ve since found myself nestled in the compact little bosom of Fujifilm’s X series. My love needed to be commemorated so, of course, I scheduled a photoshoot.



I believe in a well cultivated shoot, so these were my three favorites.


Wedding Season

Wedding October 6, 2014


This was what our caravan saw as we ended our 5 hour drive to a beautiful, secret, location in California. My first thought, “gorgeous!”



The barn was spacious with actual hay on the ground. There was a game of horse shoes, a full sized carriage, and, my fav, a wall of antlers. The tables were set toward the back of the barn and they were simple, clean, and utterly flawless. The bride and groom sat at their special table with lavender garland and beautiful tableware.


Then the big moment!


They were married in Italy and partied with us in Cali. Mazel tov Mr and Mrs Dizak!!!!!



I was definitely the girl with about 5 wedding invitations on my fridge this past season so expect more posts!