Month: May 2014


Lifestyle May 2, 2014


Our minds are so powerful. They can propel us to far away lands, heal us, or make us sick. This is why it’s so important to learn to focus our attention toward things that bring renewal. If you ever sit in on a group of neuropsychologist talking-why would you-then you would probably hear the phrase “what fires together, wires together.” Simply stated, the more us humans think a thought the easier and easier it becomes to think it again. This can work for us, like when we want to change an old unwanted pattern, but it can also work against us, like when we get use to tearing ourselves down. We can get so attached to particular thoughts that we even begin to think them without knowing we are thinking them.

If you find yourself in the loop of unwanted negative thoughts you may want to go try an
old therapist trick, the thought log. It’s all about increasing your awareness. When you notice yourself having a negative emotion or unwanted thought, get curious and investigate what happened right before having that thought or feeling-write it down…just the facts. Identify what thought came after that then how that thought made you feel. This will lead you to a place where you can begin to pick your negative thoughts apart and replace them with more realistic ones. Ask yourself questions like “would I say this to a close friend?”, “Is this thought based in fact or am I just really use to thinking it?”, or “Am I excluding information and just focusing on the negative stuff?” After some practice this process becomes pretty routine and you’ll notice yourself think much more balanced thoughts.

I hope this was helpful for someone.