Christmas Branding

Art, Lifestyle December 25, 2013


Branding is huge, it shows intention and makes people feels like you know what you’re doing. I’ve been a little obsessed since starting a consulting firm, which requires a ton of branding. So this year I branded the crap out of my Christmas gifts. Everyone instantly knew they were from me no horrible Christmas name tag necessary. I made my own little flowers and everyone loved them…almost as much as their actual gifts.


First you’ll need, crepe paper (that stuff you string up for parties), tape, siccors, and tinsel. You’ll also want a little circle of tissue paper.


First, cut out petal shapes from your crepe paper, set them aside. Cut out a circle from your tissue paper. Then tape your petals to the tissue paper circle. I chose a set of 5 petals, this is commonly seen in nature and looks the most natural. Keep layering the petals, filling in all the spaces. Three layers of petals works best.


To make it look a little more authentic I crushed the petals a little then opened it back up. Next I swirled the tinsel between my fingers until I had a little ball. Then a taped the ball into the center of the flower. DONE!!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, hopefully you’ll hear from me before the New Year.


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