Health, Lifestyle, Mental Health April 3, 2013


As my lives intersect, the artistic and scientific, I am astounded at how seamlessly they blend. Art and mental health have been inexorably linked sine as long as there’s been art. It appears that the Artistic Personality type leans toward particular disorders with one in particular, Bipolar disorder. The fab Ernest Hemingway was bipolar and incredibly talented. People often maintain a colloquial understanding of Bipolar as featuring mood swings and wild impulsivity. Well that’s a reductionistic view of this complex disorder. I won’t get into each symptom as there are a number of criteria for a diagnosis, but it is not uncommon among creatives.

This is my little tip of the day, accept yourself for who you are, it allows you the space to be truthful and honest thus making true change and betterment possible. Don’t just sit in mental illness, there is somewhere you can go something you can do.



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