Beauty January 7, 2013


If you know anything about me you know that pink is hands down my favorite color.  So, of course when my little sis decided we should chalk our hair I opted for hot pink. It was a fun project so I wanted to bring it to all of you.  First think you need are gloves, soft pastel chalk (we used Fiber-Castell), a spray bottel with water, and hair.  After choosing the section of hair you want to color wet it with the spray bottle, then wet the pastel.


I chose a portion of my bangs.  You just rub the chalk along your wet hair until the color sticks.  Then you allow the chalk to air dry, I straightened my hair then curled it back afterwards (my hair was natural).  Simple as that…


We also got my Mom in on the action, that’s her on the far left.  My Dad wasn’t having any of it so we weren’t unable to give him a blue streak.


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