Month: October 2012

My Local Pub

Food October 30, 2012


Last night I spent some much needed down time with a close friend in downtown LA. Our stomaches started speaking to us so we stopped at the first building with lights on. We stumbled on an English gastropub, nestled between Spring and Main Streets, The Parish. It’s interior was dark and trendy, with an amazing bar and super qualified bar tenders. Please ask for the punch of the day!


The menu was unique with a blend of Indian and comfort food. My friend had an amazingly seasoned corn dish and I had tomato soup and grilled cheese. See below yummm!


This should soon be one of the hottest restaurants in LA, so find your favorite table now!


Relaxation at Last!

Lifestyle October 28, 2012


This week, as a part of my promise to stay busy and entertained I crammed as many activities into the past 7 days I could. I attended a meeting about a very meaningful organization and saw a man on a unicycle (I really need to reconsider my job-we don’t have nearly enough unicycle guys), I spent time with a number of people who I love and adore, and attended a raucous party with IONA Magazine. All in all it was a productive, fun, crazy, intense week so all I did today was have brunch and read my W Mag. Thank you for the weekend.

Here are a few pictures from my week.

Yay Iona and Alimi!!!!!

This thrift store in Silver Lake had some pretty interesting art and a beaded shirt I’m picking up tomorrow.


Then there were the near naked models and bond fire time in Venice. It was a good week, excluding how gross bond fires make your hair smell. I swear one wash does not get that stink out. Ugh that Friday will stay with me for a while.



Food October 24, 2012


In an attempt to maintain some kind of life I’ve been keeping busy and surrounding myself with friends. Last night was coffee and cake at the Fat Cow. The cake was decent, the conversation was better. The ambiance was relaxed and a little “I’m cooler than you” but the overbearing smell of popcorn from the adjacent movie theater was distracting.


Daily Adventures

Lifestyle, Mental Health October 18, 2012


As a result of my completely over scheduled life I have to plan a fun or meaningful activity every day. Friday, I saw the space shuttle. Yippee for nerds!!!


Saturday, I was a panelist in a discussion about religion and politics-not fun for everyone. Crazy exciting for me. The room was completely full by the time everything started, a little scary.

Sunday, I went shopping near the beach and bonded with my little sis.


Monday, I saved a man’s life on the freeway. Well, all I did was pay attention and call the police. That wasn’t fun, but it was meaningful.

Tuesday, I shared in political bliss with a fellow politico while watching the much anticipated second presidential debate.

Wednesday, I spent time with a dear friend. We laughed and rappers and munched on apples and pretzels. Random!!! But that’s my life!


Today, was simple and basic, a good book, chocolate chip scone, and a cappuccino.

My challenge to you dear readers, is to notice the fun in your life. As you chronicle your daily adventures the difficult moments will seem more manageable and the awesomeness of your life will shine through.


I’m Back!

DIY, Home October 9, 2012

So, I’ve been noticeably absent for a while…I know you all just can’t live without me.  Work has been demanding, I love it, and that commute is pretty intense.  But, I alway search for balance so a room revamp made perfect sense.  Up go some sheers, maybe a new comforter…who knows.  My little sis needs a shout out for keeping me from my first step into hoarder-dom where I tried to save a plastic tube for “future projects.”  Oh No!!! Well, can’t wait to show you the final product.  Here is my room now.


Find Yourself!

Mental Health October 2, 2012

I found myself meditating in my office just a moment ago. Yes, officially meditating. Sitting lotus position with my hand on my knees and all, and I was struck with a thought, “accept where you are, but acknowledge where you want to be.” This is truly the dialectical of life. We are here to accept the present moment but remain in constant motion toward our future goals. My pseudo-Deepak moment is over, you may now return to your lives.