Month: September 2012

Random Fact from a Behaviorist

Mental Health September 25, 2012

Aristotle in all of his ancient wisdom stated “We are what we repeatedly do.” This got my early morning, sleep brain (yawn), thinking about habit formation and how our patterns make or break us. You are what you do, so taking a look at yourself, what are you? Are you giving, caring, loving; or are you waiting to be these things later? How can you initiate a behavior without practicing said behavior? You can’t! But to be honest you are practicing, practicing a behavior you don’t want. As you repeat a behavior your brain creates associations between neurons. As these behaviors are repeated over and over again these pathways become stronger and more likely to be used. Basically, the behaviors become your default. I say all of this to reinforce the principle that practice makes permanent, not perfect. If you practice a behavior incorrectly that’s how the behavior will remain.


Balancing Act

Lifestyle September 18, 2012


I’ve been trying to write something thoughtful about physical health all day. But as random citations and quotes frantically flew through my brain I decided to just keep it simple. Here we go! Health is homeostasis and homeostasis is a complicated way of saying balance. Find balance of mind, of body, of spirit, and in social interactions.
I seek equilibrium daily with a 5 am yoga session ohmmm, meditation/prayer, a veggie and fruit filled diet, and a constant barrage of besties and friends. Let me know what balances you this week.


Come Fly with Me!

DIY September 16, 2012

Last night around midnight I became overwhelmingly motivated to make some thing adorable.  So this happened.  It’s a pretty simple process but I’ll walk you through it anyway.

Find a stencil, this is the one I liked.  Print some out, I used Microsof word to arrange the stencils.  Then snip snip…done.

Next, fold them so they appear to be in mid flight, but make sure their bodies are flat…you need somewhere to place the tape.

There we go.  Your rabble is ready…that’s what people call a group of butterflies…cute!

I desperately hope some of you try this project.  It’s super adorable and adds a touch of whimsy to a space.  As a matter of fact my sister came to visit, saw my rabble, and demanded some for herself…I made them in green.

The Art of Gift Giving!

Lifestyle September 16, 2012

It’s better to give than receive. So when my friend had his bday and our work schedules kept us from getting together, I just had to put a little something together. I headed down to the craft store and got a simple jar and some ribbon. After searching for hospital themed goodies I was ready to fill the jar.

Everything has a purpose; socks keep the freezing hospital conditions from sensitive tootsies, tooth paste and brush for late nights when you can’t get gum from the vending machine, protein bar and coffee for some energy, tea to relax, hand sani (a must), eye cover for quick naps, and Emergen-C to keep those gross little bugs from your immune system. This week, try to give something meaningful to someone you appreciate.


Daily Fave!

Fashion September 12, 2012

My life is comprised of all manner of randomness and today’s randomness was an almost endless pursuit of “appropriate” work attire. You have no idea how hard it is to be an “appropriate” yet fashionable psychologist in a medical center-ugh! But while on this journey I accidentally stumped into a Forever 21-accidently-and bought these darlings. They are not just pieces in a massive jewelry collection but little stackable pastel reminders to love and keep it light.


Friendly Discourse

Fashion September 5, 2012

After collecting my uber busy friend from LAX airport we had a sit down about creativity and work. Yes, this is what me and my friends talk about, productivity. He is the CEO and founder of a bag line, Mbarqgo, and spends much of his time in Brazil and China. Beyond his creative genius I was enthralled by his personal style. Shoes, check, couture jeans, check, bag strapped to his left leg, check, and iPad case by Mbarqgo, double check.

Being that these highly desirable objects were all either strapped to his person or too big for me, I earnestly tried to “borrow” these frames purchased in a boutique in France.

I almost made them mine. Oh how I love good friends.