Wedded Bliss!

Lifestyle August 3, 2012


I promised more pictures of the wedding and here they are.  This is our lovely bride, Rachel.  Her gown was lace with a nude underly and delicate train.  The veil trailed behind her and featured a similar lace pattern. 



Us brides maids tried to get into the act and shoot some pictures as we were acting as creative directors for her professional shoot.  I just couldn’t resist posing next to this, working, canon. Then Sasha and I are pictured in front of Kalmar Castle and the moat…I was waiting for a dragon sighting.  Then this is the bride and her uncle, Mark, as her aunt Linda, fixed her dress for pictures.  



Since Sasha and I creative direct and style for a living we figured our talents needed to cross the pond.  So, here are just some of the shots I captured on my iphone, just guess how breathtaking the professional shots are.  I can’t wait to see them. 




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