Fashion Psychology!

Advice, Fashion June 20, 2012

Fashion is typically the last thing on a therapist’s mind, but since much of my research is centered on happiness, flow, and beauty I think about it all the time. So of course, I put my research where my mouth is and use some simple techniques in my daily life. For instance, when I’m having a down day-wrong side of the bed kind of stuff- I wear yellow. There’s just something about the color yellow that picks my mood up off the floor. Or when I’m feeling uninspired I take a new route home(*increases memory) and will even pull over to take pictures of flowers or signs with colors that I want in a future outfit or design. To each C&C reader, take time this week to do something that makes you feel just fantastic, it doesn’t matter what it is (keep it positive and healthy) but just do something for you…


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