Summer Obsessions!

Beauty June 14, 2012

Summer’s here and where ever you turn you see pastels, pastels, pastels.  So, as I prepare for yet another photo shoot at IONA Magazine, I turned to my uber secret “sources” for the most summery beauty trends.  Here is a list of things I am obsessed with for summer:

1. Pastel lips: Lips are pink, purple, and nude this season and I’m all about a pastel purple pout.  So try products from smashbox…they are my fav.

2. Candy Nails: Nails are totally opaque, stick with the pastels, pinks, blues, and purples…

3. Get cheeky: Every season boasts it’s IT cheek color, well for summer I wouldn’t focus on that perfect bronzer but a pink liquid blush.  Keep it dewy ladies!!

Have a wonderful time searching for your product, keep me posted!  This photo shoot should be fun.  Now off to casting!


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