Month: June 2012


Art, DIY June 20, 2012

Thanx to another pintrest hunt I was motivated by CrownHill to wrap my earbuds in colorful thread.  Of course I chose PINK!  If you are interested in this rare Cigars and Cupcakes DIY here you go:

Find string you love, like I said mine was pink.  Tie the string to the end of your earbuds and begin tying knots…this will go on for some time!

I pushed that little sliding piece and the other static piece together then just kept going until I was DONE!!!! Hurray, I hope you like this little project as much as I did.

Fashion Psychology!

Advice, Fashion June 20, 2012

Fashion is typically the last thing on a therapist’s mind, but since much of my research is centered on happiness, flow, and beauty I think about it all the time. So of course, I put my research where my mouth is and use some simple techniques in my daily life. For instance, when I’m having a down day-wrong side of the bed kind of stuff- I wear yellow. There’s just something about the color yellow that picks my mood up off the floor. Or when I’m feeling uninspired I take a new route home(*increases memory) and will even pull over to take pictures of flowers or signs with colors that I want in a future outfit or design. To each C&C reader, take time this week to do something that makes you feel just fantastic, it doesn’t matter what it is (keep it positive and healthy) but just do something for you…


Basically Healthy Baking

Food June 19, 2012

Since I’m preparing for my summer-O-weddings I am abstaining from sugary treats.  Therefore, it is imperative that I feed my deep deep sugar jones with alternatively delectable foods.  That is when I came across Nutella cookies on Pintrest.  It’s pretty straight forward mix the ingredients in a bowl, roll the dough into little balls, smash them flat onto the buttered pan, and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.  They weren’t as sweet as I wanted so I will add honey next time, but when eaten with some soy milk they were delish!!


Night Night!

Advice June 16, 2012

Creating a nightly routine is so important in the attempt to achieve good sleep hygiene.  So, I’ll let you in on mine.  It involves some reading, mainly nerd books like “The Tell Tale Brain” or some random facts from Flipboard, all the while I”m smelling my new candle Sweet Spun Sugar from Target, followed by some planning for tomorrow (that’s what the note book is for, I’m so analog).  Then I wash and moisturize my face and jump in bed…good night!


Summer Obsessions!

Beauty June 14, 2012

Summer’s here and where ever you turn you see pastels, pastels, pastels.  So, as I prepare for yet another photo shoot at IONA Magazine, I turned to my uber secret “sources” for the most summery beauty trends.  Here is a list of things I am obsessed with for summer:

1. Pastel lips: Lips are pink, purple, and nude this season and I’m all about a pastel purple pout.  So try products from smashbox…they are my fav.

2. Candy Nails: Nails are totally opaque, stick with the pastels, pinks, blues, and purples…

3. Get cheeky: Every season boasts it’s IT cheek color, well for summer I wouldn’t focus on that perfect bronzer but a pink liquid blush.  Keep it dewy ladies!!

Have a wonderful time searching for your product, keep me posted!  This photo shoot should be fun.  Now off to casting!