Model Mahem!

Celebrity, Fashion May 4, 2012


Who among us can’t recall an under aged model/predatory photographer story. As we read we all think “how horrible”, “she did what?”, and “where were her parents?” Well, the industry at large is more than aware of their image and they are ready for a little rehab. The Council of Fashion Designers of America and the British Fashion Council both established mandates to do away with under aged modeling as well as under weight and unhealthy models. Vogue Magazine is taking it to the next step with all 19 Vogue worldwide publications standing in solidarity on the issue. They are hitting the issue from both sides, policy and product. If policies support healthy models and have the support of the publications then this problem has a chance of correction. But if other publications don’t follow suit it may be unlikely that we will see a true endemic paradigm shift. I say more power to Vogue I will support the publication and the ideal of healthy of aged models. Thanx Anna Wintour, I know you had a lot to do with this.


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