Month: May 2012

A Cupcakie Birthday Weekend

Lifestyle May 28, 2012

I wanted to thank all of my dear friends and beloved family members who made my birthday weekend absolutely amazing.



The big day started off with some very appropriate gifts. My two little sisters bought me the perfume I’ve beens searching for, LaVanilla vanilla blackberry, get it! Rachel has just been in my head and sent me this crystal cupcake container, my dear mother got me some Tiffany earrings and my friend Amy at Van Clef sent me a letter.


Then off to Mimi’s Cafe with my Mom, two little sisters, and Grandmother. With these three ladies there is never a quiet moment.



Since I’m totally obsessed with cupcakes, it’s become a tradition to, in leu of cake, provide me with white and dark chocolate cupcakes. Yummm!


The next day off to a secret LA location with my closest friends.





Then of course, Cigars made the night utterly special. Not everyone is pictured, so send me your pix and I’ll post them. Thank you all for helping me feel so absolutely precious and loved, I love you all.


Showered with Love!

Lifestyle May 22, 2012

This weekend I went to my first bestie’s bridal shower.  This is a most momentous event in a world were people just don’t tie the knot anymore.  We all arrived at the shower location, a home with a protected courtyard filled with pink and delectable things.  My favorite type of pink things.  Of course we played shower games separated by dancing, hula hooping, and water balloons.  Yes, a room full of Black women and water balloons and nobody complained. Amazing!!!

Of course there was cake and cupcakes.  They were amazingly simple and sweet, we had our chocolate and vanilla base, with sweet butter cream  and a berry frosting.  I didn’t have any because I still need to fit into that wedding dress, but I only heard amazing things about the sugary treats.

Then when it was finally time to go, we were able to fill bags at the candy station.  The hit of the day was the bride’s mother’s home made mints.  You haven’t tasted mints until you’ve tasted Aunt Linda’s mints.

Alright C&C readers I hope you experienced the awesomeness of this shower.   All I have to say is I can’t wait for the amazing day where my Kimmy Kakes will become Mrs. Kimmy Kakes-Gentry!


Uniquely Yours!

Fashion May 22, 2012


I know some people don’t like keeping up with trends, they want to set them. Remember there is a balance between individuation and assimilation. You must find your balance. For example: oversized folio clutches are ridiculously in season. You can find them everywhere from Ferragamo to your local thrift store. So to maintain your sense of personal style integrity add embellishments or choose bags in a uniquely you color (I have one in bright yellow). I would love to know how you guys faired so keep me posted.
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Soy Joy!

Health, Home May 19, 2012


Here’s another personal obsession, spy candles. They just seem to burn cleaner and smell stronger. This pink Magnolia candle hails from the infinitely useful Target and smells sweet and clean. Embrace your inner calm with some aroma therapy. Great scents for calm are lilac, jasmine, vanilla, and sage. Find your soy joy C&C readers!

New Meek Mill Mixtape: “Dream Chasers 2”

Lifestyle May 8, 2012


One of my favorite rappers, Meek Mill, just dropped his new mixtape yesterday and this shit goes HARD… “Dream Chasers 2” is the perfect soundtrack for slangin’ dat weight, catchin’ suckas slippin’, or simply blowin’ money fast in your local strip club…if you plan on doing any of these activities in the near future, you need this in ya life.

Download HERE.


Flower Power!

Advice May 8, 2012

This is possibly the girliest post I’ve ever posted, but here we go.  It’s wedding season and all of my many pending-nuptial girlfriends are obsessed with peonies in all of their ephemeral delicate goodness.  So of course, I couldn’t resist finding some bouquet inspirations of my own.  Here are four of my personal favorites.  Flowers have always been a symbol of love and what better way to show your girlfriends you love them then help them create the most important bushels of flowers they will ever carry.  Hopefully these can inspire all of you.