Month: April 2012

Just Beautiful

Beauty April 24, 2012


I’ve been amazingly busy defending my dissertation. Years of collecting data and scouring through literature has paid off, I’m done!!! My study focused on African American women’s body perceptions and ethnic identity. So when I stumbled upon this pic I was taken back. Just beautiful, thank you Khaleb Bueno.


Beauty April 9, 2012


I have been a beauty editor at Iona Magazine for over 6 years and never truly appreciated the wonder that is finishing powder, not until today. My face has been bringing me back to junior high, not in a good way. This return to prepubescent acne has left me with a few scars that need covering while they fade. My foundation alone leaves me with a slight shadow of the scar; that was until I added some finishing powder. Thank you Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder in Golden Orange.

Lacy, Luscious, Love!

Lifestyle April 4, 2012


Style of the day, LACE!  The graceful body melding lace and crystal overlays on this wedding dress are any girly girl’s wedding day dream and the two delicious mini dresses partly inspired by 60’s mod are totally scandalous.  Overall, these lacy treasures get a 9 of 10; almost perfect is pretty huge in my book.  

Lamb & Flag!

Fashion, Lifestyle April 3, 2012


I made an emergency Sephora run, yes it was an emergency, you didn’t see my eyebrows. While on the emergency I was drawn into the Lamb & Flag store in the Cerritos Mall. Like a moth to a flame I gravitated toward the clean and hip interior, specifically this delightfully Victorian chandelier.


They has some super classic washes and probably the best assortment of men’s jeans I’ve seen since Levi’s. The lady’s jeans weren’t too shabby either.


Also, I’m a sucker for a great accessory so of course these totally drew me in.



I hope you guys check them out. They have other locations at the Brea Mall and The Shops in Mission Viejo. Let them know I sent you!