Get it done in 2012

Advice January 1, 2012

Happy New Years to all my readers!!! I’m not a huge resolutions girl but I’m all about true transformation.  Here are some ways to make your “resolutions” stick in the new year.

Create solid/smart goals.





T-time limited

If your goals have all of these elements you will be more likely to reach them.  For example: rather than saying “I want to be happier in 2012.”  Ask yourself “what makes me happy?”  If snuggling up with a good book does, then S is read books, M would be how many books or how many chapters per day or week (how many units?), then is it a reasonable and attainable goal?  Finally, how long would you like to maintain this goal, when will you know it’s over?

Next, keep your goals visible, write things down and post them on your walls, refrigerator, or computer.  If things stay in your sight they will stay in your mind.

Finally, accountability partners are huge if your goals is to read more, joining a book club may keep you to your goal.

Have a wonderful wonderful new year, may all your goals become realized.



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