Advice, Lifestyle, Shopping December 3, 2011

I love shopping, discovering places to shop, and finding new people to shop with.  Yes, I’m not that multidimensional when it really comes down to it; forgive me.  So today my sister and I went to procure her a cane, yes a cane, and she brought me to the most amazing vintage shop, JOYRIDE: VINTAGE, in downtown orange.  We spent some time getting acquainted with the odds and ends and chatting up the shop keeps.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and probably need their own reality show.  There were a few items I became totally obsessed with; a great bamboo dandy cane, awesome old school aftershave, some patches-the spider one will be mine,  some pocket watches, and my favorite-a bit macabre-their collection of glass eyes.

They have so many amazing things I couldn’t take pictures of it all, so you’ll just have to head there yourself and check it out.  Don’t even think about getting the steamer chest…it’s mine!


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