Stay at Home Friday!

Lifestyle, Shopping November 25, 2011

With incidents like the MACE ATTACK on  a throng of Black Friday Walmart shoppers in the San Fernando Valley it may be safer to stay home today.  In all honestly, I don’t think buying discounted kitchen utensils you probably won’t use until next Thanksgiving is even worth it.  Thought I’ve had my share of BF hauls I’ve complied a list of things I love to do even on the blackest of Fridays.

1. Work off all that Thanksgiving dinner.  That 2 mile run was just the warm up!

2.  Watch all the holiday shows I missed prepairing for Thanksgiving.  Hulu is my best friend today.

3.  Put up Christmas decorations.  Since I’m already at my parents’ home I always get tricked into hanging lights and garlin.

4.  Reconnect with loved ones.  Since most people have Black Friday off work I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the phone with old friends who are other wise too distracted by their busy lives to talk.

Isn’t this all much better than fighting with a mother of 3 for a pair of cheetah print stockings?


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