The Reality Show Divorce Curse!

Celebrity, TV November 2, 2011

Why do reality couples break up?  From Nick and Jessica to Kris and Kim reality shows seem to be the kiss of death for any relationship. Have you ever wondered why?

  • External appraisals of private moments
  • Perception of infidelity
  • Financial increase
  • Cosmetic surgery

The media plays a huge role in breaking up these not so lovely couples.  Magazines, tabloids, and blogs can take private moments out of context and create the illusion of infidelity or bitter turmoil.  Even if these allegations aren’t true adding doubt into the mind of a spouse is all it takes to cause a rift.  These tiny tears are added to by the old rapper adage “mo money mo problems.”  Also a random fact of divorces, many  are proceeded by at least one spouse obtaining a cosmetic procedure.  This piece is short and sweet but if you want more info email me and I’ll see if I can put an article together.  The cosmetic surgery stuff is really interesting!



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