Movie Makers!

Films October 26, 2011

I can’t get enough of my new movie making family…They are some of the most talented and hard working people I know.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.

This is the deadly duo, Drew and Yuki.  Every director needs a genius DP and every DP needs an understanding and creative director.  These are two of the hardest working men in LA.  They have been shooting since Thursday and they are still going strong actually, they are meeting about shots as we speak.

UPMs, gaffers, and AD’s oh my.  There’s also an AC in there.

Who doesn’t love the costume and make-up/hair departments.  So fabulous Gurlz!!!  There are so many people I love on set.  Don’t worry I’m posting pictures of them too…These pix are all thanx to our DIT, Zack.  Please don’t ask me what a DIT is, it’s way too complicated for me to understand let alone explain.

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