Imitation of Christ

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion September 8, 2011

Vintage line, Imitation of Christ, was full of surprises and whimsy this week. Head Designer, Tara Subkoff, was one of the most fashion forward wedding planners in her flowing pastel frock. The Union Square W was transformed into a garden wedding fit for a British heiress. The bride Lydia Hearst was simple a gorgeous while hubby Miles, eeh who cares, was in a tailored vintage suit. The show began, to everyone’s amazement, with the unexpected nuptials and continued with the models walking two by two in a recessional. The show was filled with lace bias cut dresses, pasted petals, and flapper era silhouettes. The show was cute but a little Grey Gardens for my taste. The jury is still out on wether the marriage was real, who cares it was magical. Thanx to the New York Observer for tracking down the happy couple.












Comment 1

  1. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiff says on September 8, 2011

    Love the dress in the sixth picture down…and the guy in the seventh picture down. They both are all of what I like.

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