The progression of RiRi

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion August 9, 2011

We all love a good transformation, look at the careers of Madonna, Cher, and Michael Jackson.  Not everyone reinvents so well, I won’t call any names.  But one celeb has a new face almost biannually, RiRi.  1. Little Robyn has no idea how fashionable she will become.  2. This was one of her first looks, she was so innocent and fresh.  3. RiRi before Chris Breezy.  4.RiRi after Chris.  I guess it took a bad relationship to find her edge.  5. My favorite look was he blond tipped mohawk.  6. The hawk, all dressed up, she muted the blond and increased the coverage.  7. Here we go with the red tresses (not my fav).  8. Here she is on her vaca in Barbados just a few days ago.  Is it just me, or is she going a little Beyonce?

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