Month: August 2011


Celebrity, Films August 31, 2011

I Don’t Know How She Does It shouldn’t just be the title of her next movie.

SJP is truly the woman most of us aspire to be.  She appears to be an attentive wife to her hubby as he prepares for his new Broadway show, mommy to three precocious kidletts, and manages her own full time career.  She reminds me of my own dear mother, but she definately doesn’t make my mom’s famous lasagna.  Pictures from Vogue Aug 2011


Art, Health August 26, 2011

I am working on an art project using pictures of my family, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.  Knowing where you are from helps you get where you want to be.  So I have decided to chronicle where I’m from.  Above are my paternal grandparents O.B. and Viola.  My grandfather was one of the first Black Anesthesiologists to graduate from Loma Linda University (where I am attending) and my grandmother was a teacher and mother of 6.  I’m amazed when I think about the legacy they left, even in the midst of hardship.  Therefore it’s  my obligation to succeed, there is no other option.  I will keep you all posted on my progress and if any of you have done any similar family  projects let me know how they turned out.



Celebrity, Politics August 22, 2011

Many of us will never be cast in iron or sculpted into granite or limestone but the prolific among us will know this honor.

The Martin Luther King Jr. monument’s official dedication is this Sunday 8.28.2011, the anniversary of the march on Washington.

Out of the Mountian of Dispair, a stone of Hope-MLK