Dior Debacle

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion July 4, 2011

By now, we’ve all heard something about the embattled house of Dior and it’s most notorious  ex-lead designer, John Galliano.  Well, studio assistant, Bill Gaytten was given the difficult task of creating Christian Dior’s Couture 2012 runway look; reviews are less than flattering.  The discord was obvious, almost palpable, I saw glimmers of beauty which were overwhelmed by a fear of failure.  Gaytten was obviously in over his head but I’m sure the powers that be, namely, Sidney Toledano, Chief executive officer, and big boss, Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH, were two more cooks clogging up the kitchen.  The Dior drama lead to too much fabric, a lack of consistency, strange geometric head dresses, celestial strangeness, and clowns, yes clowns…  I wasn’t prepared, but what do we expect during the changing of the guard?


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