Month: July 2011

Stop looking!

Advice, Mental Health July 31, 2011

I’ve been having a nerd day.  As I edited my article on women’s appearance and body image I stumbled across a concept I’ve liked for a while.  FLOW… The concept of flow was conceptualized by researcher Mihaly Csikezentmihalyi and describes the phenomena of being completely engaged in an activity.  You may wonder how does being fully emerged in an activity correlate to physical appearance?  Well in another article by McKinley and Hyde they addressed how others focusing, looking, and commenting on a woman’s appearance creates a self observance that inhibits her from fully emerged in an activity.  After all, if you are constantly thinking about what others are thinking you will not be fully engaged in what you are doing.  Why does this matter?  Flow and total immersion in the now is proven to increase happiness and fulfillment.  Therefore if you aren’t able to ever experience flow it is likely that you will feel sad and down.  I mean who hasn’t gone to a coffee shop to study and had some random guy come up and create some spurious distraction.  The distraction, though momentary, can impact us for the rest of the day, we now walk with more caution because people may be watching.  Now we are focusing on HOW we are doing things and not simply doing them.

Adventure Time!

Art, Lifestyle July 28, 2011

RAKU was so cute I couldn’t help but stop by and take some pix.  It’s nestled in Claremont CA, amazingly trendy, and so beautifully organized.  I was intrigued by their kitchy trinkets, odds, and ends.  Need a wooden spoon? Done… Need some birdie shaped soap? Done…Planning a nautical themed picnic? Done…They are a one stop shop for anything adorable.

To all the Real Men!

Advice, Celebrity July 27, 2011

Demi Moore and hubby Ashton Kutcher are not just celebs, they are celebs with a purpose.  They founded the DNA FOUNDATION to help end childhood slavery and their campaign Real Men Don’t Buy Girls is both entertaining and impacting.  They will be interviewed on PIERS MORGAN later this week, make sure to watch. Here are links to their FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  Help save the world my pretties!

For some disturbing statistics on human trafficking and slavery in the U.S. check out THIS SITE!


Coddington Memoir

Celebrity, Fashion July 26, 2011

The Grace Coddington’s memoir seems to be a guarantee, since it’s been sold to Random House for $1.2 million.  Her book will cover typical memoir stuff, her childhood, her modeling career, the accident that ended her modeling career, and her time at British and American Vogue.

I’ll probably read it, but I really want some serious juice about Anna Wintour.  Spill the tea Gracie, spill the tea!