Month: June 2011


Fashion June 20, 2011

Why are mustaches the newest craze?  They have moved beyond the ironic hipster and into the mainstream, I even found myself scouring LA for a mustache inspired cookie cutter.  The mustache is more than a post pubescent male testosterone marker, they are a fashion statement.  Don’t worry if you can’t grow one just wear it on your shirt.

Name Calling

Advice, Mental Health June 16, 2011

Talking down to yourself and calling your self names when you make mistakes never makes a situation better.  They key is talking to yourself kindly, almost like you were talking to a small child.  Talking to yourself in harsh terms makes it more likely you will fail again.  We all know stories of children who were told by their emotionally abusive parent that they would never be anything and they in turn grew up to have emotional problems.  Let’s not be our own emotionally abusive parents.  Love and nurture yourselves.