Month: May 2011


Advice, Beauty, Mental Health May 31, 2011

I love a strong picture…but did you know that in advertising and media women are much more likely than men to be pictured as body parts.  These adds will often tend to focus on particular body regions including the breasts, torso and legs where as male adds feature whole body or faces.  You may wonder…Why does this matter?  Well, media images affect the way we perceive our world based simply on repetition and availability (availability heuristic, I’ll talk about that another day).  Since we see these images frequently we begin observing our own bodies differently, through someone else’s perspective.  Now that we are looking at ourselves through another’s perspective we are suseptable to their criticisms of our body and loose our own subjective observations.  Protect your self images my sweeties!!!


Must read Louis!!!!

Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle May 30, 2011

If you love Louis Vuitton you must purchase Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Book. It’s aesthetic is something you’d want to see on even the ugliest of coffee tables.  The 256 page tome covers the New York artist’s contributions to the fashion house and of course includes hundreds of pictures.

Beautiful Change

Art, Beauty May 30, 2011

I consider myself a beauty researcher, I track the impact societies have on beauty and the imprint beauty leaves on societies.  For example, in 1715, the beginning of the French Revolution, the French elite were hoarding flour to powder their hair.  Their withholding this beauty aid/essential food stuff lead to famine and inevitable revolt.  It is astounding to think that a beauty striving forever altered French history (obviously, this wasn’t the only precipitant to the French Revolution). As a modern society we tend to forget that beauty and the desire to be beautiful are not new concepts, they have existed as long as we have existed.  Therefore we must understand it, not quantify it, but appreciate it’s many forms and types.

Beautiful Kindness

Celebrity, Fashion May 30, 2011

The amazingly gorgeous Natalia Vodianova founded the Naked Heart Foundation, which builds  playgrounds for Russian orphans.  They have built over 40 playgrounds to date and are recruiting supporters from all over the fashion universe.  Her passion has been described as a fairy tale and a true lesson that beauty can be more than skin deep.


Advice, Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion, Music May 28, 2011

I’ve posted about Lady GaGa before, about her ridiculous ensembles and controversial lyrics, but I’ve seen a new side to GaGa.  As an appreciator of great singing I’ve been disappointed with the music industry, I mean come on Rebecca Black…even Justin Beber at times ugh!  However, when I watched Lady GaGa sing Born This Way, acapella, I saw the popstar in a different light.  She has an amazing voice which is overshadowed by her dramatic attire and ghastly make-up.  If anything I so wish I could just hear a GaGa unplugged, avoid the Swarovski coverd Alexander McQueen’s and and kermit dresses, just hear her for what she is, AMAZING!  If I was talking directly to her I would say…You won, all those mean kids rue the day they crossed you, but it’s time to let it all go.  Forgiveness is transcendence and is the only way you will ever be free.  Be free little GaGa be free!!!