Is Bigger Always Better?

Lifestyle April 27, 2011

My bestie and I were just talking about those most sacred of things, wedding rings.  We were lamenting about how we’ve purchased so many of our own ENORMOUS costume baubles that we may have a hard time when it comes to a quality yet less than huge ring.  There are so many things to remember when purchasing a girl’s best friend, but one isn’t necessarily bigger is better.  Women are found to prefer a smaller quality or unique ring.  But until then I’m perfectly happy with my oversize, dramatic and adorable rings.

Comments 2

  1. Kristin Leslie says on April 27, 2011

    To be honest I want a pretty conservative priced ring but get me a pair or two of hot Louboutin’s and I think I’d be even happier. Maybe I’m shallow…well I am still single

    • cigarsandcupcakes says on April 27, 2011

      Love that idea…many cultures don’t use rings at all. He just needs to provide some offering which states I understand you and I can take care of you.

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