Wake up!

Advice, Mental Health January 10, 2011

In the wake of the tragedy in Tuscon, I am hoping for a call to a return to dignity.  The venom filled rhetoric of personalities like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and he who shall not be mentioned- in my opinion- are directly responsible for the misguided brutality on Saturday.  When will we realize that our voices impact the actions of those around us?  So take accountability for the way you interact with others, be aware of your impact on the world.  Start impacting the world and pray for the families of those killed in the attack on Saturday.

U.S. District Judge, John Roll, 63

Gabe Zimmerman, 30

Dorwin Stoddard, 76

Christina Greene, 9

Dorthy Murray, 76

Phylis Scheck, 79

A lesson to all of us is to take interest in the lives of those around us, be aware of the strange behavior and make sure something is done.  We can control the world around us.


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