Stress 101

Lifestyle December 6, 2010

One thing all humans have in common is stress.  I won’t get into the nerdy “ins n’ outs” of how we experience stress, because that doesn’t matter when you feel like ripping your hair out in the grocery store.  However, I do want to provide some quick solutions to stress in the moment:

1. Take deep breaths.  Breathe from your diaphragm, so that your stomach rises and falls, NOT your chest. Practice by placing one hand on your chest, and one hand on your stomach.  The hand on your chest should NOT rise and fall, only the hand you’ve placed on your stomach.

2. Time management.  Create schedules in the mornings or before your go to bed and STICK TO IT!

3. Be kind to yourself.  Understand that emotions only last for a period of time and will pass just as quickly as they arrived.

4. Engage in enjoyable activities.  When under stress find something that has always made you feel good and find time to do it.  It may be exercising, crafting, listening to Rihanna’s new album or playing games.  Make sure you do not forget about YOU this holiday season.  Doing things to improve your mental and physical health is the best present you can give yourself…


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