Month: December 2010

Don’t get too wasted

Advice December 31, 2010

DUI’s are not this year’s hottest new trend.  A DUI on your record can seriously derail future plans, endanger your life and the lives of those around you, as well as cost a pretty penny (estimated at 13K).  AAA even has their tipsy tow program so you can get your car towed, for free, any where within 7 miles.  Don’t worry if you don’t have AAA they will still come get you.  So I say keep safe and stay classy USA.

Isabelle Caro

Advice, Fashion, Mental Health December 30, 2010


French model and actress, Isabelle Caro passed away November 17 at the age of 28 from complication related to Anorexia Nervosa.  Her passing was just released yesterday, due to the family’s desire for privacy.  This very serious disorder has been thrust into recent popularity, aided by Caro.  She allowed her image to be used for an add campaign aimed at fighting the disorder in the modeling community.  In interviews she mentioned only allowing herself to eat two small squares of chocolate and a few cornflakes per day.  Controlling caloric intake either by obsessively counting calories or measuring food are common features of this disorder.  Also commonly associated with Anorexia is an avoidance of eating in public, perfectionism, binging (eating large quantities of food), and purging (vomiting, overly exercising, or using laxatives).    I know I’m bringing you down, but knowledge is power!


Favoriate Fashionista

Celebrity, Fashion December 30, 2010

I am excited to introduce to you the wonderful jetsetter and New York socialize, Shala Monroque.  The St. Lucian born New York resident, is the current Editor-at-large for Pop Magazine and an all around stylish lady.  She is known for her colorful and printed ensembles which have donned redcarpets from Paris to NY. 


Fashion Mash UP

Fashion, Lifestyle December 30, 2010

French Connection has long been one of my favorite UK fashion houses, maybe because their FCUK embellished shirts made my mother freak.  The European fashion giant has a new and unlikely ally, Sears, or as my grandma would say “Sears and Roebucks.”  The Sears Holding Company made a similar pairing with Bongo earlier, but who buys that.  The colabo with FCUK is promising to bring younger fashion minded shopper into the over 500 stores carrying the brand.  The announcement came in September 2010 but the dream of affordable French Connection threads will be realized in early 2011.  All items are said to be under $100 which should be very kind on all of our wallets.


Ylang 23 Celebrates the big 25

Art, Fashion, Lifestyle December 29, 2010

What is Ylang 23 and why should you care?  Well it is a high end web site designed by Joanne and Charles Teichman, who opened the flagship in Dallas in 1985.  They cary jewelry from designers such as Gas Bijoux, John Apel, and Jennifer Meyer, to name a few.  Their store was kept a secret in elite circles and their site is no different.  But I’m here to break down to wall.  After I spent at least an hour perusing their wares and playing with my polyvore I was hooked.  It’s no wonder they have survived to see their 25th birthday.


Kimmy Kakes

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion December 29, 2010

I am not one for celebrity gossip or creepy voyeuristic photos.  However, I recently saw pictures, creepy voyeuristic ones, of Kim Porter and long-time, on and off again, love Sean “Diddy” Combs on a yacht in St Barts.  Admittedly, I have never liked her personal style but her body was amazing.  Girl, send me your trainer’s phone number.